Depression vs. Healthy You

One of the main reasons I exercise and stay in control of my eating is in the mighty fight against depression.  I do realize that there are varying degrees of depression and that not all depression can be fought with a work out or a healthy meal plan…but it works for me.

I have a lot to be grateful for and thankful for in my life, but I fight with depression (which really has nothing to do with not realizing that I have a lot to be thankful for) 

It’s a darkness that at times sneaks in and envelopes me like a heavy blanket.  Sometimes I don’t even know I’m in a funk until I realize I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone.  It’s more than a feeling; it’s a state of being and it’s hard to explain.

You know when you hear a song that is connected with a memory and as soon as you hear that song you are taken back to that time, feelings and all?  It’s sort of the same way with depression, I hear the word depression and I can for a split second feel the darkness, the loneliness, the confused state as to why I feel that way.   I’m not going to lie: it’s hard to share this openly because there is also a lot of shame attached with depression.

When I feel it coming on, it’s all I can do to wait for my husband to get home so I can go for a jog by myself.  It’s not that I enjoy running all that much, but I LOVE how it makes me feel during and after.  I feel strong, in control, capable, proud, full of life…Yes, it’s uncomfortable; but in a good way. In a way that lets me know I’m alive.

In much of the same way, eating a healthy meal plan and staying in control and away from bingeing on the wrong foods also keeps depression at bay.  It’s a great feeling to know you are feeding your body what it needs.  Food is fuel and whatever you put in, that’s what you get out.  Put in good foods that are full of vitamins and nutrients, and you feel full of energy and life.  Put in crap, well…you feel like crap! It may be hard, or seem not all that fun to eat that way at first, but your body adapts quickly!  Before you know it, if you even try and go back to eating foods high in fat, they will most likely make you ill. 

If you tend to binge on foods to deal with depression, it’s important to change the way you view food.  More often than not, after you binge on your comfort food, you feel worse than before.  It’s a horrible feeling, and there is no way to lift yourself up if you continue to beat yourself down. 

If you deal with depression, to any degree, I encourage you to fight it by celebrating and taking care of YOU in a different way.  Life is a miracle and it’s a gift. 

Sorry if this tune is a bit on the “after school special” side, but hey…this song speaks so many truths about how precious life is and it’s a great reminder that life is gift and full of miracles.

Have a great active day!


4 thoughts on “Depression vs. Healthy You

  1. Man girl, its like so much of what you write mirrors me and my life. Just right now I am finding it so hard to stop my downward spin and stop eating my way thru my stresses of the moment….I just thank you so much for sharing your story.

  2. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I can only imagine how difficult, but at the same time freeing, it is to put it out there. Hugs to you.

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