Look Ahead, Never Behind.

Always look ahead.  Move forward.  Take the steps necessary to move onward.

If the past holds hurt and pain for you, let it go.  It does not bring good into your life.  You are not defined by your past.  You define your future.

feb21__007r web

Start FRESH.  Today is a new day full of possibilities and hope.

I’ve had some horrible things happen in my past.  I held onto it like a badge of honour, but it brought pain and darkness into my life.  I needed to let it go.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget.  It means finding the freedom to say that the past can’t hurt you anymore.  It means giving yourself permission to release the anger and the pain.  Let it go.   Celebrate the freedom in that.

When you release the pain, you will move forward.  You can’t help it. 

Look at all the beauty around you!  It’s everywhere.  Find JOY in the little things…like the hot sun after a long winter, the beauty and life brought on after a May rain, the tender hugs my kids give me even after I yell at them to clean their room. 

feb5__012 web

feb9__040 web

Life is a gift.  Life is good.  Count your blessings and forget the pain of yesterday.

I can’t say this enough, but you have the power to be exactly who you want to be.  The power to be that person falls in your lap and it’s up to you to make it happen.  It’s all you baby 🙂


I can’t embed this video, but you MUST click the link below and listen to this song!  I chose this song “Video” by India Arie  to play when I received my goal weight key-chain.  I love it and the message is so powerful: 

5 thoughts on “Look Ahead, Never Behind.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Cathy. I’m glad you are moving forward today. I love your positivity and your photography 🙂 You really do inspire me. Thank you!

  1. Love the video and am forwarding to my daughters. I look forward to your words of inspiration
    Thank you

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