The Prescription for Change

Through out the years, I’ve made it my mission to focus and learn about how to instil long-term change within my life. I’ve learned a lot from brilliant authors and speakers. When an idea strikes a nerve, I write it down. So here I am writing today about change.

I was reading “Awakening the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins.  One area that hit home for me in relation to making a change NOW is this question:

Am I a walking contradiction?

“Change is often a Should and not a Must. The only way we’re going to make a change NOW is if we create a sense of urgency that’s so intense that we’re compelled to follow through. The greatest leverage you can create for yourself is the pain that comes from the inside not the outside.  Knowing that you have failed to live up to your own standards for your life is the ultimate pain. One of the strongest forces in the human personality is the drive to preserve the integrity of your own identity.” Tony Robbins

I think the reason this really resonated with me is that I’m working very hard on my character and growth right now.  I set aside an hour daily to read, write, learn, grow so I can be the best version of myself. So my kids have a better role model and I can be proud of the life I’m creating.

Having spent this year in fast forward growth, my integrity is very important to me. I know exactly who I am and the way in which I want to continue to grow as a person.  The idea that some of my actions in life do not line up with my character and the high standards I set for myself does not speak of integrity. It’s important to recognize the areas of inconsistencies between my character and my actions.

I just had this discussion with my son the other day in relation to Integrity. What does that mean exactly? To me, integrity means my actions align with my words. I do what I say I’m going to do. My loved ones can count on me. I align my choices with who I am as a person. I let my actions speak louder than my promises and words. I asked my son a few days ago a very important question: Who do you want to be? Go be that.

So how do you change something right NOW?

Change occurs when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain associating with change. Our brains are hardwired to associate pain and pleasure to every action and behaviour.  We have to condition our brain to make these pain/pleasure associations differently.

It all starts within the mind.

What do you want to change today?  Whatever it is, ask yourself some important pleasure/pain questions.

Pain Q: What will it cost me if I don’t make this change: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially?

How does staying within a destructive behaviour affect my children or those I love most?

Pleasure Q: If I make this change today, how will that make me feel about myself?

How will it change the way my children/loved ones view me?

Say for example, you want to change patterns of emotional eating. Obviously you must be placing much importance on the pleasure that brings you and not enough importance on the pain it creates in your life.  Reverse that. Focus on the pleasure you will receive in taking control of this area of your life. How will that affect your self-confidence and pride? What will it do for your spirit if you are released from the pain created through choosing to emotionally eat?

Feel the pride that comes from knowing that you are a person of integrity who aligns your actions with the standards you set for living your beautiful life.

Again, the question I asked myself this morning (I encourage you to ask yourself as well): Am I a walking contradiction?

The strength of my stubborn spirit will not let that be my reality. Oh noooooo.

Today I choose…







Self-Assured Grace





It truly is within all of us to make this choice. We have the power to change today. Embrace it with excitement! You can literally change your life right this second.

How ridiculously amazing is that?! Have a great day!

From my heart to yours,



The Disconnect within Connection

We all crave connection. It’s a fundamental human need. That’s why there’s so much time spent online. Facebook, twitter, instagram. It’s a virtual world of human connection. We spend more time on our phone virtually talking to others than we do actually connecting with another person face-to-face. What’s ironic is by searching for connection in this way, it creates a disconnect in life.

I hear this a lot and I’ve also convinced myself of this from time to time. I’m too busy to workout and eat right. It’s not that we don’t have time, it’s that we don’t use our time wisely.

I used to think that I used food as a tool to numb. I think it’s more accurate to say that I used food to feed a feeling of emptiness. One that could have been fed by healthy elements.

I took some time to truly think about the ways I feel full and content within mind and spirit.


How often have you tried to have a real conversation with someone who is looking down at their phone while you talk? It’s impossible. It makes the other person feel undervalued. Through that disconnect, it sends a message that their time is more precious than yours.

Put down the phone, you will not find true connection there. One thing I’ve learned through getting to know others at the gym, is that if I take the time to listen to others within authentic conversation, there’s no end to the life lessons that can be learned. I love going to the gym at the time when older people are there, because through every conversation I’ve had with them, I’ve learned something. They could be falling into the trap of sedentary life if they choose, but they don’t. They show up, work hard, and slow the hands of the aging clock with heart-healthy activity. They are not distracted by the binging of notifications from their phones. When they talk to me, they look me in the eye. They listen. They understand that time is fleeting and precious and they use that time to their advantage. They understand what it is to be connected to another person through being truly present within conversation.



I realized one day on my run that I have never felt more alive than within that uncomfortable moment. My lungs were screaming for air, my legs felt like they had weights attached to them, the cold air whipped at my face making my eyes water. Yet within the physical discomfort, I was never more aware of my strengths and abilities of my body. I’m certainly not aware of that as my body sinks into the indentations of a couch.😉

Our bodies are designed to move, run, jump, lift. If we challenge our muscles they will grow. If we exercise our heart, it will beat more efficiently with strength and determination. What’s more alive than that? There is nothing “alive” about losing muscle mass as we age, and clogging our arteries with fried foods. We are betraying our bodies if we give into complacency. Get moving. Feel alive!

Eat foods that transform into energy. Isn’t that amazing: that you can fuel your body to perform at its peak. It’s within our power to choose our fuel. It takes just as much time to eat crappy food void of nutrients and vitamins as it does to choose vibrantly coloured food full of life.

The Uplifting

You know what feels amazing? To uplift another person through genuine appreciation. To truly recognize the light within another’s spirit. To ignite a fire within their soul through recognition. To see their worth and celebrate it. To give more than you take. To make others laugh and feel amazing about who they are as people. THAT is gold. You want to feel uplifted? It starts in giving. Not receiving.

Positive Out, Positive In

I say that phrase an annoying amount, because I believe in it with my whole heart.  Negativity is exhausting. It’s soul crushing. Nothing grows within a negative environment. It’s an energy sucker.  Maybe you are searching for positivity right now. Well let me be a little source of positivity within your day and tell you that to attract positive you have to put it out. Every time a seed of negativity tries to implant within your mind, cover it with positive. It takes practice especially during times of adversity; but there is always something to be grateful for in life. Something good to see through wounded eyes. A little ray of sunshine within darkness. If you focus there, on the good…it will grow and spread.  Whatever positive you put into this beautiful world, it will come back ten fold.


I have found my worth within God’s grace. There is no one I need to seek validation from, because He’s the only one I need to seek. I have turned my back from my faith from time to time, but I have found so much peace and joy through the power of prayer. His grace is sufficient for me.



One good thing that has come from my life falling apart, is that I have gained a sense of confidence and clarity of purpose within rebuilding my life. I wore a mask for a long time, and as it crumbled away, I had no choice but to stand within vulnerability and own my life. Yup, here I am… scars and all. Perfectly imperfect. I no longer care what others think about me. I can’t begin to describe the freedom I have felt as I leaned broken but wholeheartedly right into authenticity. I know exactly who I am. I will not judge you. I will stand beside you with empathy, understanding, and compassion. If you judge me, that’s on you. It doesn’t make me feel bad about myself. Not one bit. Peace🙂

IMG_4037r web

This year, one of my goals was to experience true joy again. Now it’s a tough goal to pinpoint when I’ve actually reached it. I can confidently say that I’m well on my way. I have realized that joy can be found within life’s ordinary moments if I become present in the right now.

Joy lives…

Within my children’s laughter.

Within the trails of amber on a fall day as I run to clear my mind.

Within embarrassing awkward moments that naturally fall into my lap as I am in fact awkward (which I’ve learned to own).

Within the pride I see in another’s eyes as they persevere through a tough workout.

Joy is present and abundant within a conversation over coffee with a good and pure friend.

Joy in the little things. Joy in the everyday. Joy in the anticipation of a tomorrow full of promise.

I smile a little more freely each and every day. Laughter comes right out of nowhere. And that’s ridiculously amazing my friends.

I hope today you find some time to truly connect with another person and feel alive in all you do.

From my heart to yours,


The Road of Discomfort

In my last post, I talked about my quest to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This week has carried with it a whole lot of uncomfortable. From long runs along golden fields of canola to finding my voice when I normally keep silent. I tackled tasks I have put off because of the pain involved within remembering a life that was. I opted to sit in the pain and work through it.

The day after I decided to embrace uncomfortable, I set out on a run. I have focussed on strength training lately and not cardio, so I decided this week I would focus on cardio (which I find to be very uncomfortable). Given my long break from steady state cardio and an old IT Band injury, as I laced up my runners I thought to myself: “I bet I can’t run 10K anymore”.  Immediately I was annoyed with myself as I knew I had to do it.

Now, the only way to ensure you will run 10K, is to run 5K away. You have no choice but to run back.😉  I decided to take an unfamiliar route and seek solace within the childhood memories of gravel roads, fields of gold, and the quiet of the country.

So I set out on the road of discomfort with motivational speeches setting my pace. Click here if you are interested in some motivation for your day.

The first 5K was no big thing but a chicken wing. It was on kilometre 7 when the familiar IT Band ache set in. It was +30 and I could see round balls of bugs hovering in the heat wave of dust over the road. But still, there was no turning back, either way I had to get home. I decided to just slow down to a walk when I needed to and to take that time to think about my goals. What are the facets of my life that are holding me back from reaching them?

In those last 3 KM’s I found more clarity than in recent memory. I was (and am) the only thing that will prevent me from reaching my goals. Change is required within the mind before it translates to action.

It’s time to go to work.

Leave the past behind with the respect it deserves, and focus on rebuilding my authentic life.

I will use this precious gift of time wisely and to my advantage.

I will focus on the good, the positive, the uplifting.  Faith.

The only thing within my control is my attitude and perceptions. My perception is in fact my reality.

I choose to look at my bad days as a chance to build character and live within grace and gratitude.

I choose to move forward down this road of discomfort with courage, perseverance, and unyielding tenacity.

I will use my God-given abilities for good with the respect of my purpose on this beautiful earth.

I will let go of control where there is none.

It’s funny how uncomfortable can manifest beautiful certainty. I will remember that run for all of my days. It may have been slow going, but I did it!

I learned more about the strength of my spirit in that one hour than I have in months. What a gift, and one that I wouldn’t have experienced had I not taken the road of discomfort.


When you find yourself at a cross-road, I urge you to take the more challenging route. You never know what you’ll discover.

From my heart to yours,


Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

As I started my Miracle Monday Morning at 5:30 a.m., I had a revelation! Ooooh, don’t you love it when that happens?!

You see, as long as I can remember, I have lived within some sort of fear. When I was a kid, I feared managing a bank account and paying bills. When I was a teenager, I feared driving in Edmonton. In my early 20’s when I held my first baby Ty close to my heart as we left the hospital, I feared I wouldn’t know how to take care of him properly. I remember thinking “Really? You are just going to let me leave with this tiny human?”

Like most fears, they were unfounded when I was forced to do them. I have a balanced bank account, my bills get paid, I drive around Edmonton (and only sometimes get lost), and my son Ty who’s now 19…well he’s a stellar human. Kind, giving, loyal, and determined.

This morning I was thinking about how many things I avoid doing because I don’t want to be uncomfortable. That can be physically: stopping in a circuit because I’m feeling the beginnings of fatigue…or emotionally: not getting to know someone on a deeper level because my introverted nature begs for recharging isolation at times.

But what if I lived within discomfort often?

How would that change my level of fears?

What would I learn about myself and others?

So my goal this week (and as I move forward through this beautiful life) is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This will require courage of spirit and focus of the mind.

As soon as something feels uncomfortable ~ a workout, talking to a stranger, exploring new places, taking an unfamiliar route, sharing my opinion with those I know have an opposing view, getting to know others beyond the surface, not covering up silence with pointless noise, running a little longer or further, photographing something I don’t find beauty within but searching for it, completing tasks I put off, embracing the pain of trials, speaking up when my mind wants to retreat ~ I’m going to stay within that discomfort for a little while. As long as I stick with it a little longer than my mind/spirit/body wants to, then to me that’s success.

I already know how to do this to a degree within fitness…I have to forge through physical discomfort often; however, I want to take that one step further to push through my comfort zone daily in other areas of my life. Because comfort feeds complacency.  And that’s not the life I’m creating my friends.

How much of this one amazing life am I missing out on just because I want to be comfortable?

What opportunities am I missing?

What lessons am I keeping within simply because there’s vulnerability within sharing with others beyond the surface? And what lessons do others have to teach me too?

There’s so many questions…all of which have answers if I simply push myself out of my comfort zone.

Comfort zones

Will you take this challenge with me? Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Share your stories of discomfort and what you learned through it, I’d love to hear from you.

From my heart to yours,



Magic Hour

These past few months, I have been patiently (and anxiously) “waiting” to feel myself…whole again…within the growing and rebuilding of my life.

As my dear friend Clint reminded me the other day: “I’m starting to think that the moments that are the most screwed up in life when we forget who we are…are the middle parts of letting our old selves go and embracing then new. Much like a snake skin. It’s a life of transition we all forget we need to go through.” Did I mention Clint is brilliant?😉

It got me thinking about living with grace and patience within the “in-between” times of life. I have the power and the ability to view circumstances, events, and moments in this beautiful life with new eyes. I can actually transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Perhaps not even new eyes, but open eyes.

I see, but do I really SEE?

Every single day there is a sunrise and a sunset. I’ve missed seeing many of them as I knew there would be another one the next day. I have, at times, become numb to the extraordinary and have viewed it as ordinary.  But there’s magic there. That’s why in the photography world it’s called “Magic Hour”.  It’s that time of day when the sun dips down or up beyond the horizon and the world is lit up in the most magical way.

Shapes come alive…

IMG_4683r web

June19-050r web

Silhouetted trees dance against amber skies…

Mexico14-341r web

Clouds float along a vast canvas of pinks and blues…

Jam__235 web

Morning dew sits delicately on soft leaves of green…

_D4A6243 web

You can actually see individual rays of the golden sun…

Mexico14-317 web

Spider webs sparkle like tiny diamonds

_D4A6330 web

_D4A6325 web

There’s beauty in the every day…

May25-051 web

And within nature’s remarkable: lunar eclipses, northern lights, and blood moons…

Laf14-003 web sept10-005 web sept10-010 web sept10-013 web sept27-018 web

Am I opening my eyes to all of the beauty around me? Are you?

Maybe there is magic within the transition.

The in between.

The breakdown.

The rebuilding.

The letting go.

The moving forward.

The average.

The scars.

The healing.

The right this second.

Eyes wide open.

It’s also why I love people. It’s fascinating the stories people have locked away in their hearts. Stories of wisdom, strength, unrelenting determination. Are we sharing those with others walking similar paths of struggle/victory? Are we hearing those who can teach us something if we simply stop talking and listen with intent? Move beyond the surface with those who cross your path in life. There’s a reason for it.

I hope you see life a little differently this morning. Slowing down at times does not equate to lazy.  It’s about honouring this very stage of life you are in right now and going one step further…celebrating it. Letting go of control and just be. We are all perfectly imperfect people who have grown into who we are today as a result of our ups and downs. Both are equally deserving of respect.

I want to encourage you today to open your eyes, ears and heart to things you may have missed by viewing them as ordinary. Oh no my friends…there is extraordinary in this very moment.

Have a magical day. From my heart to yours,


P.S. I am inspired to start picking up my camera again for personal projects. To be continued…


Time: Our Most Precious Commodity

As I was journalling today, I got to thinking about the concept of Time.  The paradoxical truth of time’s vastness and it’s fleeting quality. We all have no idea how much time we will be gifted in life.

So what do you want to do with your time?

Who do you want to spend it with?

How much time is wasted or not treated with respect within your life?

I know you have goals, as do I…how much time are we willing to spend on a dream without action?

Right this moment, you are gifting me your time by reading this post. Thank you🙂  With that said, I want to use your time wisely and perhaps get you thinking a little…

We have 24 hours in a day, much of our time is spent sleeping.  How will you use the rest to get the best out of this one precious life you’ve been given?

Quality over Quantity

There have been stages in my life when I was very good at managing my time and packed a whole lot of quality within it.  But then the momentum of mundane seeps in, and there’s a pull to avoid and procrastinate, putting too much importance on tomorrow. I’ve found much value in changing my perception. A wake up call for the mind, reminding myself that today is important. Right now is important. Get up off that couch and live. Do something outside of my comfort zone. Meet new people. Share even when it feels uncomfortable.

Create your own Fun

Let’s all agree, that there’s a lot of annoying in life.  Bills to be paid, lines to wait in, coughing waiting rooms to sit in, and bathrooms that don’t clean themselves.

I was out for lunch once with a friend, and there was a couple sitting beside us.  It was a beautiful, sit on a patio in the warm sun kinda day. Laughter floating on the breeze between friends who haven’t seen one another in awhile. Yet this couple…sat together in misery. Once the woman received her food, the order was wrong.  She said nothing to the waitress, but rather waited for a few minutes of angry eyes staring at this horrible wrongly placed food until she started muttering to her man. Oh the horror!  WRONG FOOD! THIS DAY IS THE WORST!  At that moment, I was struck by the absurdity of it all. That one wrong meal could affect someone so much…obviously not about the meal. I was thinking in my head, this couple was gifted with time together on a perfect day on a patio. How are they OK with living a life of disappointment, entitlement, anger? Life can be fun if you change your perception.

If your life doesn’t have some fun within it, create it! What do you like to do?  What brings joy into your heart?  Go do it! What are you waiting for?  Do you have people in your life who make you laugh and remind you not to take life so seriously? Go spend time with them!  Catch a comedy at the theatre. Go do something ridiculous like renting one of those scooter thingies in the mall, ride around with the self-created wind in your hair! ha!  Just have fun. Life doesn’t have to be so serious.

Your Perception is your Reality

If you’ve followed my blog, you will understand that this year has been a tough one for me personally; however, I remind myself often that I have the ability to choose my thoughts and perceptions.

No matter what adversity you are dealing with in your life, YOU have the power to control your thoughts and feelings surrounding it. This is where you will truly grow as a person, through the hardship and trials. It’s what forces us out of complacency.

I ask myself this question often through the bad days: how will I use this to grow as a person? How will I use the pain to my advantage? There is wisdom and answers within that pain. Just like through exercise, if you challenge your muscles…push through the uncomfortable…you will grow.

I hope you have a great day and use your time as the gift that it is.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.30.42 AM

From my heart to yours,



Your Daily Uplifter!

Good morning!  I know many of you found your way here from the Global News Interview I did last week. If you haven’t seen it, click HERE.

So welcome to my blog! I have journaled here for over 8 years as I’ve lived in the maintaining world.  There’s been many ups and downs, and writing has always been a very grounding and clarifying medium for me.

Right after the interview aired, I left for a week’s vacation. It turned out to be perfectly timed as it gave me time to sort through the feelings that sharing my story brought forward. I didn’t expect to feel all that I did. You see, as much as I’m quite open in talking about all that I’ve learned through shedding the weight, there’s also a thin veil of shame I feel within that too. I’m not exactly sure why as I’m so grateful for the connections made when two strangers find they have something in common which is deeply personal. So much of that is lost in this digital era; and it’s also not lost to me that I’m sharing this on a digital platform😉

When Global contacted me to do the television interview, after sharing an online interview version the week before…

…My first feeling was “No! I can’t talk on camera. I can’t share something so personal to me with strangers.” I actually felt panicked at the thought.

And then I was hit with this one truth that I have strived to incorporate into my life for a decade. If you fear something deeply that you know will bring about positive change for another; you have to do it.

My dear friend Darina once told me you can actually convince yourself that fear is a form of excitement. So I decided I was excited to share, and of course I would share openly without walls.

I’m very thankful for the messages and connections made as a result. Simply hearing from one person who benefited from my truth as I lived within my self-inflicted prison makes it all worth it. This is about You, not me.

In the spirit of understanding that this maybe the very first post you read on this blog, Here’s what I want you to know this morning.

You are worthy of creating your perfect dream life; and that has nothing to do with the amount of money in your bank account. It’s within your power! Just think about that for a second…feel the freedom that comes as a result of understanding YOU are in control.  So who do you want to be? Who do you want to surround yourself within in this one precious life you’ve been gifted? Go and be it! Seek out connections; those people who uplift, support, inspire and motivate you.  Be that for them too.

You are stronger than you even realize! We can live an entire lifetime and never understand the true power and strength of the human body and spirit if we choose that. How sad would that be to never understand our true potential.  A waste really.  Would you want that for your children, or those you love most?  Treat yourself just as you treat those you love. And just watch how your life unfolds beautifully when you pour positivity and love into your heart.

Positive OUT, comes before Positive IN. It’s that law of attraction thingy…whatever you present and focus on, is exactly what will come back to you.  Find yourself surrounded by negativity? Be positive. Be the person you wish to see in others. Yup, you can control that too!  Energy is infectious.  You have the ability to change a person’s day just by uplifting them (which in turn uplifts you too). How ridiculously amazing is that?!

Don’t know where to start? Start small. Get up and go for a walk. Even if it’s around the block. Your body is designed to move. One tiny step in a positive direction will incite more tiny steps. Add one more positive change to your life every week…or every month even! Changing everything at once is not only overwhelming; but a prescription for failure because we need to give ourselves the respect of time to blend these changes which will translate into lifelong habits. Remember this is a lifestyle: an amazing style in which you will live for all of your fabulous life. Be gentle with yourself.

Never give up

Order this book…


Order it HERE from Amazon, it will change your life (It’s not available in book stores). No other book has made more of a positive impact on my life. I have a Miracle Morning every day and I couldn’t imagine starting my day any other way now.

Reach out to others for support, create your supportive loving village.  I will support you! Add a comment, or send me a message.

I hope you have a ridiculously amazing day! I promise to blog more frequently.  I would love nothing more than to uplift your spirits in this small way.

From my heart to yours,





Just Show Up

Yesterday, I had one of those low energy days. I slept well, ate well, but I shuffled through my morning. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym for my daily workout.

And then a little voice in my head said “Just Show Up.


I was pretty sure I would show up to the gym only to channel my inner Eeyore, but I decided I would lace up my runners and just show up.

As I walked into the gym, a woman approached me who had stumbled upon some of my before/after photos through social media sharing. We ended up having the best conversation that was so genuine and one that I will always remember. We were strangers, yet we shared on a deeply human level about important personal issues in both of our lives (in a non-weird over sharing way…ha!) I left our conversation uplifted and positive, which transcended into my workout.I worked harder than I had in weeks and pushed past an area I believed I couldn’t get to physically. Six straight full-depth body weight chin ups. I have been stuck at 4 for months.

As I was leaving, she approached me again and thanked me for our talk; and I was so thankful as well. She shifted my perspective; I’m always grateful for those shiny positive people who have the gift to do that.

A reminder that the energy we put out there to others is infectious, so choose wisely. If you want to attract positive into your life…be positive.  It really is as simple as that.

That workout was exactly what I needed. I realized after it was over, that it had started as an emotionally low day for me, rather than physically tired.  In one hour I felt completely different: positive, energetic and ready to take on the day. Had I not gone, I’m pretty sure my day would have snowballed into one big pity-party-for-one.




I went to work later training. One of my clients shared with me that she was having an emotionally low day and was going to cancel, but decided to come anyway. Again those words rang in my head. Just show up! We hugged it out and she got to work. She channeled all those tough emotions into her workout, and pushed past limitations she struggled with in earlier sessions.  Not only did she change her energy through that session, but she actually looked different physically. She entered with worry & stress on her beautiful face, and left with a huge smile and infectious positive energy that lit up the room.

So here’s a little encouragement today to Just Show Up, and let the momentum of tenacity and drive move you forward in a positive way. Sometimes that’s all we can do in life, but it’s better to show up than bow out.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

From my heart to yours,


I Want to Change, but How? Don’t be a Dream-Blocker

The choices we make in our life are a direct reflection of our self-beliefs.

Over the years, I’ve had many personal conversation with people who are working towards their goals and dreams, but who are stuck within their self-imposed limitations.

You know how I know this?

Because you are reading the words of one kick-ass Dream-Blocker.

If my journey to my goals was a pretty little sun kissed path flanked with arching trees and cute little frantic butterflies, I was there with a chain saw blocking my way.

I truly couldn’t wrap my head around it. I thought: “I really want this! I want to change my life. I want to feel comfortable in my skin. But I really like fries.”

ha! Oh my girl, it’s not about the fries.

I now have the gift of hindsight, which is often the case when you spend a lot of time wading through the muck of life.

I didn’t believe I actually could.

As parents, we have high hopes, aspirations and dreams for our children. Yet, we don’t put the same level of importance on our own aspirations.

For me, the journey to lose the weight had nothing to do with society’s standards of beauty and what my body “should” look like.

It was a journey of self-love.

Our bodies are actually designed to move, jump, run. We were not made to sit on the sidelines of life nor from a couch experiencing life through a TV.

Our spirit needs to be fulfilled with purpose…and our destiny and purpose is a great one my friends.  We have the power over our perceptions.

The mind must be challenged as well to fight complacency found within mediocrity. Have you ever been told “You’ve changed” like it’s a bad thing?  Of course we change, if you stay the same then that’s a stagnant state. Growth in character requires work. Remind yourself often of who you are as a person, the values you hold close to your heart and then align your choices with those values.


So who do you want to be? Go and be that.

Do not settle for a life or health that isn’t conducive to who you know you can be. The person you are within. Your life is not one of mediocrity, one foot in front of the other, a ground hogs day of struggles. If that’s the case, get out of your own way and choose differently. Even through the trials in life, it’s within our control to grow because of them. Be thankful for the darkness, it will create a love and deep gratitude for the light.

Please don’t be the blocker of your own dreams. Love yourself just as fiercely as you love those in life most precious to you.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

From my heart to yours,



A Challenge for You ~ Dream a Little Today

Good Morning! I have a challenge for you today. It’s about dreaming and aspiring.

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I want you to write absolutely everything you dream, want and hope for your children. If you don’t have kids, pick someone you love a ridiculous amount. If you could wish for success in every facet of their lives, what would that look like?

Break it down into the core needs of every person. Physical, emotional and spiritual.

What would you want your kids to know as they embark into a life of independence?

What I want for my kids:

Physical: To stay active in body which also filters into the spirit. To take care of themselves out of respect and love for who they are as amazing people. To push outside of their comfort zone a little each day, to the best of their abilities. To never fear the uncomfortable; but rather embrace it so they can get stronger. To run because they have legs that allows them to. To fully experience the strength of the human body if you just challenge it. I hope they enjoy their rest days too, balance is key.

Emotional: I want my kids to truly understand their worth so they will only ever accept respect from others. I know they are raised with a great value system and place importance on how they treat others. So I wish that they not only accept the same in return but expect it (because they lead by example). And further to that, I hope they will put up boundaries where they need to or let go of friendships/relationships that don’t align with who they are as people. You can let go of people and still be respectful. I hope they have high self-efficacy…that core belief in their abilities to reach any goal they set their mind to. I hope their self-esteem is ridiculously high; yet they stay humble and modest. I dream for their happiness. The kind of happiness that they exude in every action and reaction. That they will have an authentic positive energy that is infectious to others.

Spiritual: I hope my kids will always look to God for their strength and understand that they are a very tiny speck in this universe. They have been given one life to live so do so with purpose and direction. I hope they take time to be grateful daily for every blessing in their lives and pay it forward.

So what do you dream for those you love? Write it down now and then before reading further, come back to this post. I’m patient I’ll wait😉  (insert elevator music here…actually I’ll go find a song)


Now here’s your last challenge: After you write it all out, read it again but reframe it within your mind…What if these are also the hopes and dreams for yourself? Have you quit dreaming for yourself too? I hope not.

We put so much of our hearts and souls into those we love; and we lose ourselves within dreaming for others.

It’s not only OK to dream for yourself (it’s not selfish), it’s necessary.

How do we expect our children/loved ones to learn from us if we have checked out of life? One foot in front of the other…day after day. Settling for comfort zones, the uninspired, the average.

If your kids approached you and said “I’m really looking forward to a life of mediocrity where everyday is like ground hogs day. I will live in complacency. I will fear challenge. Maybe I’ll live with you forever because it sure is comfy here and you have a well-stocked fridge.”   Would that be Ok with you? Of course not…so don’t settle for that in YOUR life too.

Read those dreams daily. Take action for not only those you love, but for yourself too. Because you are ridiculously amazing and worthy of an amazing life rich in purpose and happiness.

From my heart to yours,