Here’s a list of resources that have helped me so much!
Check back often, I will update as I find more useful links.  Do you have a useful link to share?  Leave me a comment with the link 🙂

My health and fitness Pinterest Board:

Tons of great information on working out, staying active, and eating clean:

The online diary I use to track food (the iPhone app is great too and allows you to scan barcodes):

Hit the weights to shed the pounds fast while building muscle:

Do you want some amazing music to fuel your workouts? Look no further:   also

Awesome App to track your runs/bicycle routes “Runmeter”:

Amazing Weight Training DVD’s for any skill-level (they are now available at your local Walmart I believe!):

The 10% Solution (you may not need to lose as much as you thought):

The Daily Plate…The easy and FREE way to track what you are eating everyday:

Spark People provides great exercise demos on their site:


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