Here’s a list of resources that have helped me so much!
Check back often, I will update as I find more useful links.  Do you have a useful link to share?  Leave me a comment with the link 🙂

My health and fitness Pinterest Board:

Tons of great information on working out, staying active, and eating clean:

The online diary I use to track food (the iPhone app is great too and allows you to scan barcodes):

Hit the weights to shed the pounds fast while building muscle:

The Body Media Armband is so accurate and keeps me on track daily! I wear one everyday, it tracks activity levels, sleep, steps taken and it can be synced with My Fitness Pal to track calories in giving you an accurate snapshot of your day:

Do you want some amazing music to fuel your workouts? Look no further:   also

Awesome App to track your runs/bicycle routes “Runmeter”:

Amazing Weight Training DVD’s for any skill-level (they are now available at your local Walmart I believe!):

The 10% Solution (you may not need to lose as much as you thought):

The Daily Plate…The easy and FREE way to track what you are eating everyday:

Spark People provides great exercise demos on their site:


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