The Gift of Sight

Sometimes in life, circumstances around you align with your own life and there are clear lessons to be learned.  Revelations arise that were always right in front of your face the whole time, but you just weren’t at a place to see them clearly.  Wisdom that you once heard takes on new meaning and you finally understand it.  I had these moments happen over and over to me in the last few days, and as it seems it’s happened to many special people in my life as well.  Although our experiences differ, is it a coincidence that we are all seeing life with a fresh new perspective?  I don’t think so.

People come into your life for specific reasons and at different points.  Some people come into your life to teach you how to…..


laugh at yourself

let go

appreciate life

Others come in to teach you how to….

be real



get back up

And you are part of other’s life as well for the same reasons.

But, I believe that the only time that you truly learn is when you are ready to take off the blinders and look deep within.  I have spent much of my life stuffing things down, but eventually they will come to the surface. 

So, the most important life lesson I have seen in a new light this week is that I am the only one responsible for my actions, reactions, and attitude.  Until I stop blaming others around me for why I am unhappy, and take responsibility for my life, I won’t see the lessons to be learned that are right there for the taking.  There is no power that comes from waiting for others to change my life…from waiting for circumstances to change in order to make ME happy.  It’s all on me. 

I don’t think a person can fully understand that until they are ready and have come to that place of total acceptance that they must look inward for change.  The only person you can control is yourself. 

When you start taking responsibility for your actions, and take control of how you react to circumstances that happen in life…both good and bad…it’s only then that you can truly be free to heal and grow. 

I’m almost 7 years into reclaiming my life, and I’m just now beginning to understand this.  There is still so much to learn.  But the best part is, that I’m in control of keeping my eyes wide open and not just hearing about these life lessons…but actually LISTENING and APPLYING it all to my life.

I first saw this video when I was at a very low point in my life.  Even though one may view it as depressing, I find hope and wisdom within the lyrics and images.  The hope is the promise that I have control of my life the and knowledge is right at my fingertips if only I chose to listen.

My hope is that you and I will see life with open eyes without the cloud of blame, resentment, or doubt.  Not everyone will understand where you are coming from and that’s OK as they haven’t walked in your shoes.  It’s like when someone that doesn’t have kids yet tries to tell you how to raise your own.  They just don’t understand that which they haven’t lived.  I hope that makes sense to someone else!  It’s a hard one to articulate. 🙂

From my heart to yours,


Balancing Act

The pursuit of happiness in life must come with balance.  There has to be a balance and peace found in all areas of life. 

Balance between…

~work and play

~devotion and letting go 

~focussing and relaxing the mind

~indulging and denying

I have come to realize that finding this balance is difficult.  I feel pulled in different directions at times and lose track of the simplest truth…that life is good and happiness is found from within!  I have also realized that whatever path I take…in this case the area of living a healthier lifestyle…it must be one that I can stay on for the rest of my life.  So with every Yin, there is always a Yang.  There has to be. 

Sometimes finding balance means you have to take some time to really focus on change.  Change is scary, but necessary to move forward.   With every scary life experience there is so much to learn about yourself and life.  Be present in that knowledge and don’t let it pass you by.

Don’t beat yourself up when you aren’t getting the results you think you should be.  Focus on the changes that are happening in your life.  Because if you truly change, results have to happen.  It’s inevitable. 

Positive in, Positive out (and vise-versa)!

Personally, I don’t want to live a life that is wrapped up in guilt when I do indulge. Because life is meant to be enjoyed and savoured.  I have clear goals in place. They are tangible and achievable, but must also be sustainable in the end. 

I am truly thankful for recent insights into life.  I am also thankful for friendships that are built on true acceptance, love, and support.  It’s important to surround yourself with a support system that not only brings you up when you are down, but who will also challenge you when life gets confusing and you have lost your way.

I recently had a moment of total self-acceptance and while I’ve had these little moments before, they are usually few and far between. 

As I stood in the mirror picking apart my flaws as I do from time to time, I actually stopped myself and accepted the fact that I’m flawed and imperfect and it brought a huge smile to my face.  Who isn’t?!

I looked up imperfect in the dictionary.  It means “lacking completeness”.  I am complete, so I’m going to drop that one. 🙂

I hope you find balance in all areas of your life, and that peace will come to you as a result.  Surround yourself with support, love, and always give more than you take.

From my ever-expanding heart to yours!


Shifting Focus

‘Focus on what’s working in your life, the positive stuff. For that which you focus on and think about the most is actually what manifests in your life.’ Dr. Christiane Northrup
I believe this whole-heartedly.  There is so much in life that is out of our control.  But we can control our attitude, thoughts and most importantly actions that bring about amazing positive changes in life. 
Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why our lives stay on the same course.  I was talking to a friend who didn’t understand why she wasn’t losing weight because she was so active and busy throughout her day.  Her body is used to that level of exercise and activity.  You have to change things up and add more activity to bring about different results.  This is true in life as well.  If life has stayed on that same course for you and you are wondering why the changes haven’t come about, it’s because nothing has changed!  It’s the same.  The same actions and thoughts.  The same way of reacting to circumstances. 
Bringing in a New Year is a great thing to inspire change and welcome NEW experiences into your life.  The mind is just a little more open with the promise of a new fresh year.   I have realized that my life took the best course when I focused on the positive, and let go of the negative and the judgements of others.  Every experience in life comes with an opportunity to learn from it.  It’s up to you what you do with that knowledge. 
Focus on the good.  The powerful. The positive. The uplifting. The joy. The new knowledge.

And run with it…

From my heart to yours,