Self-deprecation vs. Pride

When you tap into the zone of finding yourself and taking good care of yourself, there is a powerful sense of self-worth and pride that you just can’t keep in.  Some may misinterpret your new found pride, but wear it like a badge of honour! The flip-side of self-worth is self-deprecation which only leads to destructive behaviour and pain.

When you decide to live a healthy lifestyle, you are putting value on your mind, body, and soul.  You are choosing to treat your body with respect and there is real pride that comes with that.  That’s not to say you can’t feel pride if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, but I do know this…when my eating is not in control and when I’m not living an active lifestyle, my self-worth really suffers.  For me this is most true when I’m not in control of my eating.  It spins a vicious cycle that always ends in undervaluing myself and continues onto other areas of my life. 

The feeling you get when you can shut your eyes at night and know that you were in complete control of everything you ate, and how active you were in your day is unbelievable. It’s addictive and it’s polar opposite of how you feel after a bad-eating or non-active day.  That pride fuels a desire inside to keep going.  To stop living life on the side-lines.  To challenge yourself in ways you never thought was possible.  No more “I cant’s” or “It’s too hard”. 

Life fueled by pride is so good. 

My friend Alana finished her first 10km race today.  She is so proud of herself, and her pride is infectious.  Alana, you are inspiring!  Way to go girl, pride looks FANTASTIC on you!!!

Have a great day,


Checking in!

We are home from a week of holidays.  The week was exactly what I needed to recharge.  I spent my days sitting by a roaring fire, fishing, lounging with the kids, and taking pictures of whatever I wanted. 

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The eating department wasn’t so good for me…actually it was all too good.   After we got home, I was itching to go for a run.  I usually go on a 5 km route for my runs, but I stop for little walking breaks in between jogging.  This time I challenged myself to run the 5 km without stopping.  It felt so good.  It was a slow jog, but I didn’t walk.  I realized lately that I haven’t been challenging myself.  I stay within my comfort zone when I’m working out lately.  I believe that a person should continually push and challenge themselves with working out and eating healthy.  It’s allows me to never get bored or complacent. 

I read in a book by Bob Greene (I think!) that you should keep your work outs at a level that you cannot carry on a conversation with someone while working out.  On a scale of 1 to 10…1 being you are at rest, and 10 being you are at maximum exertion…you should try for around a level 7.  If you are going to put in the time for a workout, you might as well make it a good one.  You should definitely be sweating and out of breathe.  No looking pretty while you work out!

This morning I woke up feeling so down about my food and drink choices over the holidays, and then I realized that it’s a holiday, so as long as I get back on track, it’s all good.  Having said that, my next holiday I am going to practice some conscious eating and only eat when I’m hungry!  I do wish I could let go of the guilt when I do enjoy rich foods.  That is one thing I wish I could change, or at least find a healthy balance.  This healthy living stuff is a constant learning and growing experience.  I guess that’s a good thing.

When I got back and was able to check into facebook, I was so excited to see a friend post that she was down 30 pounds!  Congratulations Ang!  You are doing awesome.  I’m so proud of you.  Great things happen when you put your mind to it, and believe that a change within yourself is possible.  I remember when you sent me an e-mail awhile back and you were so on fire about your healthy changes.  I knew reading your e-mail that you tapped into that place within yourself that nothing was going to stop you and you would have a lot of success in reaching your goals.  It’s just so beautiful to see it happen in your life right in front of my eyes.  Much love to you Ang.

There is no stopping the amazing success that comes as a result of finding the strength and confidence within yourself to change.  The feeling that accompanies that success is unmatched and so addicting that it just keeps on going. 

Have a great day,