Just Show Up

Yesterday, I had one of those low energy days. I slept well, ate well, but I shuffled through my morning. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym for my daily workout.

And then a little voice in my head said “Just Show Up.


I was pretty sure I would show up to the gym only to channel my inner Eeyore, but I decided I would lace up my runners and just show up.

As I walked into the gym, a woman approached me who had stumbled upon some of my before/after photos through social media sharing. We ended up having the best conversation that was so genuine and one that I will always remember. We were strangers, yet we shared on a deeply human level about important personal issues in both of our lives (in a non-weird over sharing way…ha!) I left our conversation uplifted and positive, which transcended into my workout.I worked harder than I had in weeks and pushed past an area I believed I couldn’t get to physically. Six straight full-depth body weight chin ups. I have been stuck at 4 for months.

As I was leaving, she approached me again and thanked me for our talk; and I was so thankful as well. She shifted my perspective; I’m always grateful for those shiny positive people who have the gift to do that.

A reminder that the energy we put out there to others is infectious, so choose wisely. If you want to attract positive into your life…be positive.  It really is as simple as that.

That workout was exactly what I needed. I realized after it was over, that it had started as an emotionally low day for me, rather than physically tired.  In one hour I felt completely different: positive, energetic and ready to take on the day. Had I not gone, I’m pretty sure my day would have snowballed into one big pity-party-for-one.




I went to work later training. One of my clients shared with me that she was having an emotionally low day and was going to cancel, but decided to come anyway. Again those words rang in my head. Just show up! We hugged it out and she got to work. She channeled all those tough emotions into her workout, and pushed past limitations she struggled with in earlier sessions.  Not only did she change her energy through that session, but she actually looked different physically. She entered with worry & stress on her beautiful face, and left with a huge smile and infectious positive energy that lit up the room.

So here’s a little encouragement today to Just Show Up, and let the momentum of tenacity and drive move you forward in a positive way. Sometimes that’s all we can do in life, but it’s better to show up than bow out.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

From my heart to yours,


I Want to Change, but How? Don’t be a Dream-Blocker

The choices we make in our life are a direct reflection of our self-beliefs.

Over the years, I’ve had many personal conversation with people who are working towards their goals and dreams, but who are stuck within their self-imposed limitations.

You know how I know this?

Because you are reading the words of one kick-ass Dream-Blocker.

If my journey to my goals was a pretty little sun kissed path flanked with arching trees and cute little frantic butterflies, I was there with a chain saw blocking my way.

I truly couldn’t wrap my head around it. I thought: “I really want this! I want to change my life. I want to feel comfortable in my skin. But I really like fries.”

ha! Oh my girl, it’s not about the fries.

I now have the gift of hindsight, which is often the case when you spend a lot of time wading through the muck of life.

I didn’t believe I actually could.

As parents, we have high hopes, aspirations and dreams for our children. Yet, we don’t put the same level of importance on our own aspirations.

For me, the journey to lose the weight had nothing to do with society’s standards of beauty and what my body “should” look like.

It was a journey of self-love.

Our bodies are actually designed to move, jump, run. We were not made to sit on the sidelines of life nor from a couch experiencing life through a TV.

Our spirit needs to be fulfilled with purpose…and our destiny and purpose is a great one my friends.  We have the power over our perceptions.

The mind must be challenged as well to fight complacency found within mediocrity. Have you ever been told “You’ve changed” like it’s a bad thing?  Of course we change, if you stay the same then that’s a stagnant state. Growth in character requires work. Remind yourself often of who you are as a person, the values you hold close to your heart and then align your choices with those values.


So who do you want to be? Go and be that.

Do not settle for a life or health that isn’t conducive to who you know you can be. The person you are within. Your life is not one of mediocrity, one foot in front of the other, a ground hogs day of struggles. If that’s the case, get out of your own way and choose differently. Even through the trials in life, it’s within our control to grow because of them. Be thankful for the darkness, it will create a love and deep gratitude for the light.

Please don’t be the blocker of your own dreams. Love yourself just as fiercely as you love those in life most precious to you.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

From my heart to yours,