Shifting Focus

‘Focus on what’s working in your life, the positive stuff. For that which you focus on and think about the most is actually what manifests in your life.’ Dr. Christiane Northrup
I believe this whole-heartedly.  There is so much in life that is out of our control.  But we can control our attitude, thoughts and most importantly actions that bring about amazing positive changes in life. 
Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why our lives stay on the same course.  I was talking to a friend who didn’t understand why she wasn’t losing weight because she was so active and busy throughout her day.  Her body is used to that level of exercise and activity.  You have to change things up and add more activity to bring about different results.  This is true in life as well.  If life has stayed on that same course for you and you are wondering why the changes haven’t come about, it’s because nothing has changed!  It’s the same.  The same actions and thoughts.  The same way of reacting to circumstances. 
Bringing in a New Year is a great thing to inspire change and welcome NEW experiences into your life.  The mind is just a little more open with the promise of a new fresh year.   I have realized that my life took the best course when I focused on the positive, and let go of the negative and the judgements of others.  Every experience in life comes with an opportunity to learn from it.  It’s up to you what you do with that knowledge. 
Focus on the good.  The powerful. The positive. The uplifting. The joy. The new knowledge.

And run with it…

From my heart to yours,

5 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. I’ve definitely been feeling a little “stuck” lately, but I’m working on some changes to help move things forward 🙂 Love that quote, Christine!

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