Prayers Please

When an event happens that shakes you to your core, you remember what you were doing at that exact moment.

I was editing a photo of a Father cuddling his children when my Mom called to tell me that my Father had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  My mouth dropped open and time stopped. I asked her to repeat it as there was no way my vivacious, talkative, charismatic Father could have cancer…this just couldn’t be happening.

Yes, it was true.  I called my Father and we talked and we cried.  As soon as my hubby got home from work, I drove home to Vermilion as I needed to see him and he’s only a couple of hours from me. The next week I met up with my Mom, Dad, and sister at the Hys Centre so my Dad could have a bone scan to see if the cancer had spread beyond the prostate. Our family came together and for those sisters (there are 6 girls in my family) that couldn’t make the trip for the appointment, we texted back and forth through out the day.  The wait for the results seemed like an eternity, but I am so happy and thankful to tell you that the cancer did not spread to his bones.

This week, he is seeing the doctor to discuss where to go from here.

So with the permission of my Dad, I am posting this to ask for your prayers as he undergoes treatment for prostate cancer.  He is such a strong man, but he needs support and prayers.

This summer I wrote a post on my photography blog about my Dad.  Give it a read if you have time and you want to put a face to his name…Ralph Dicke.

I will leave you with a favourite song of Dad’s. It’s also fitting that this version is by Johnny Cash.  My Dad reminds me of Johnny Cash and he loves his music.

Thank you so much for your support.

From my heart to yours,


17 thoughts on “Prayers Please

  1. Hi… I know how that feels exactly. In grade twelve… my dad had gone to see the doctor and they tested him for prostate cancer. He and my brother were on the farm somewhere when we got a phone call that I had answered. I tried to call him in the yard but he did not hear me. Knowing it was the doctor, I had my mom answer the phone. It was dinner and we were all sitting around the table waiting for those two to return. My mom came back from the phone call and announced that he had Prostate cancer. When my brother and dad came back, he sat at the table and my mom told him. His reaction ‘You’re joking.’ And we all reassured him that it was true. That dinner was silent… no one knew what to say… It’s hard to find what to say when medical science is slow to tell you how far along the cancer is. He went for surgery to remove the prostate, then a tumor grew back in place that they treated with radiation. And although at times it seemed bleak… he made it through. It’s been over 11 years since his diagnosis. Your dad is in a good place to beat it too since it hasn’t spread. And he has an AWESOME group of people to support him through this hard time in life which will help him immensely!!! My thoughts are with you and your family and I’m sure he’ll make it through! Make sure he eats good natural/organic foods… high doses of Vitamin C’s.. that will help with the recovery as well.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with your Dad and all your family. Your family has always had a special place in our families heart. Your Dad is a strong man and I am sure he will come through this fine.
    Jay, Wendy and all the Erickson’s

  3. I just read about your dad. We will be praying much for him and all of you, that you will be drawn back to God in a marvellous way throughout this time. Jesus is the healer… of our hearts and our bodies. God is in charge and he loves you so much. John 3:16 Love always in Jesus, Auntie Lu

  4. Dearest Christine, my thoughts are with your father at this trying time. I send him healing energy. My thoughts are also with you and all of your family.

    A great big humongous hug to you Christine!


  5. Jim was just in Canada…Vermilion over Thanksgiving visiting our eldest son James & family. I remember him telling me on the phone how much he enjoyed helping Duane on the farm with harvest & working with Ralph (your dad). The Dicke family will always be special to Jim and I and our boys not just because of being connected through marriage. More important the friendship that started in our teenage years that has now passed down to our boys and their friendship with their cousins and their cousins cousins. Your dad is an amazing strong man we are praying for his surgery and a speedy recovery. Hugs – Jim, Judy, James, & Jared Squire

  6. Thank you all for taking the time to lift my Dad up with your kind comments, prayers, and support. He truly appreciates them. I’m shocked at how many people have contacted me with their own personal stories of dealing with cancer. Heart breaking. It’s amazing though, how friends and family will all come together exactly when it counts and when support, friendship, kindness and prayers are needed most. So thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

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