cancer without a captial

Tomorrow my Dad goes in for surgery for the treatment of Prostate Cancer.  I hate that I just capitalized the word “Cancer” when capitalization is reserved for titles and days of importance.  I will no longer capitalize the word cancer.

It’s ugly and destructive and doesn’t deserve a capital.


can I minimize it even more?


Rather than giving cancer anymore power that it has already taken from us as a family, and from my strong father, I’m going to declare today as a day of gratitude.  There is so much in life I am grateful for, and one is that I get to see some of my family tonight, and will be able to spend the day with my Dad tomorrow as he kicks cancer’s ass.

Here’s to my Strong, Funny, Outgoing, Talk-Your-Ear-Off Dad with a capital D.

Thank you for your continued…




From my Grateful Heart to Yours,