New Year…Time to Regroup!

I can’t believe we are already into January of 09!  Over the Christmas holidays, I wasn’t doing very much conscious eating, and I was also doing little to no exercise.  As with every new year, with it comes new resolve and some time to reflect.  I’m back on track this week.  I was scared to step on the scale, but I did it.  It read 154 this morning…up 7 pounds from last time I weighed in before the Christmas holidays.

I’m just going to regroup, and get back on track.  My eating today was good and my dear hubby bought me Dance, Dance Revolution for the Wii.  I’m not very coordinated and have little to no grace (I sort of flap around the dance mat), but hey as long as I work up a sweat, that’s all that matters right?!  I’m my kids new entertainment.  They just watch  me and giggle.

Happy New Year! 


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