It’s Not About The Food

It’s not about the food. 

I had heard that before, but I didn’t understand it.  I thought I was overweight because I loved food.  Looking back, it’s so wasn’t about the food!   After reading Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution, I started being aware of why I was eating.  It’s natural to use SOMETHING to cope with the hard moments in life.  I used food, and I used food to cope with so many emotions.  The thought never occurred to me for sometime that I could one day be in control of my eating.  I was somewhat at peace with the fact that I was always going to be the “big girl”.   When I started reading, and learning about the root of my weight issues, it was like someone turned on the light.   I didn’t know I could CHANGE my metabolism.  I didn’t know  I could still enjoy my favourite foods if I changed the way I thought about food!

Here’s some of what I learned:

Food is Fuel…put good stuff in, you feel good!  Put crap in…well, you feel like crap.

You CAN change your metabolism.  All it takes is to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Start listening to your body.  Eat when your hungry, don’t eat when your not!

Follow your passions!  You need a creative outlet.  What is yours?  I pursued my passion for photography and it’s my new “SOMETHING” to cope!  What do you love to do?  Figure that out, and do it!

Love yourself enough to take care of yourself!  As mothers, we get trapped in the idea that we come LAST.  The only way you can be a good Mom is to take care of yourself!  A good Mom is a happy Mom.  Your kids deserve a happy and fulfilled Mom.  If you’ve lost the joy  and zest for life and confidence in yourself, GET IT BACK!

The only person standing in the way of your success is you.  Take the power back, no more excuses. 

Set manageable goals, and achieve them.  Little by little, you’ll get there.

Journal everything you eat!  If you have to write each and everything you eat, you are less likely to eat it.

Think…instead of or rather than.  If you change your way of thinking, you can save 100’s of calories in a day.
Instead of a Big Mac at McDonald’s, I chose a salad with diced chicken from McDonald’s. 
Rather than an biggie Mars Bar, I chose a 100 calorie chocolate bar. 
Instead of pasta with Alfredo sauce, I chose multi-Grain pasta with marinara sauce.