Healthy Oils and Relaxing Music

I read in a magazine today that some fats – omega-3 fats- are actually good for your heart.  “They’re a type of unsaturated fat that can help reduce the risk of heart disease, fight inflammation and may even keep brain cells healthy as we age”. (Leslie Beck, author of Heart Healthy Food for Life) I’ve read that before, but what I found interesting was  that another study showed that listening to relaxing music up to 12 minutes (what a random number), 3 times a week can lower high-blood pressure.  

In a Seattle University study of 41 seniors living in retirement communities, researchers found that regularly listening to relaxation tapes reduced average systolic (the top number) blood pressure readings by 9mm Hg, while those who regularly listened to Mozart saw a 7 mm Hg reduction to their blood pressure.

So, as I type this I’m listening to relaxing music and I must say I’m feeling pretty calm and relaxed right about now!  lol