Riding in Cars with Hitchhikers

During my childhood, my Dad always found the good in everyone…and I truly mean everyone. Even those who my teenage brain had decided were losers. It was highly annoying back in my selfish youth.

He offered jobs to men struggling to find work, paid for meals, gave money to the homeless holding signs.

He picked up hitchhikers. A lot of hitchhikers. I cozied up to many. I don’t remember thinking it wasn’t safe. It was just normal and we got to know the life stories of each of those we picked up.

Even though it’s been 20+ years since one of his daughters has been in 4-H, he still buys a sheep at the yearly 4-H sale. I call them his feral sheep, he pastures some and they run wild with the horses.

I never understood his intense desire to accept and find good in all he met.

I get it now Dad.


I’ve been broken.



Looked down upon.

By many who had decided they knew what was “right” for my life. Which must have meant that I’ve lived the “wrong” way all these years…who knew?!   They’ve come in all shapes and sizes: super-moms, the popular, the wealthy with more worldly goods than one would need in 5 lifetimes, and those who wish I would live their version of their religion…or no religion at all.  The scope is wide.

And now that I understand acceptance, I don’t understand the need to correct another’s way of life.

I do know one important truth…

Even the mighty will fall.

And when they do, there will be people like my Dad who will accept them with open arms without criticism or judgement.

What this world needs is love, acceptance, kindness, positivity, and generosity.

I’m not interested in your version of how I should live my life.

Because I don’t need fixing thank you very much.

I’m no longer broken.

I’m just weird crazy me. The odd chick who makes up awkward yoga poses in her spare time.

And if you can deal with that, then I look forward to getting to know you for you. Just as you are, with complete freedom to say what you feel, and to live your life as you see fit.

I will leave you with this thought: We all want to be accepted for our authentic selves, yet the same respect is not always given in return. If we were to give the gift of acceptance to others, wouldn’t our whole outlook change? Thoughts? I welcome your insight!

From my heart to yours,


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