Magic Hour

These past few months, I have been patiently (and anxiously) “waiting” to feel myself…whole again…within the growing and rebuilding of my life.

As my dear friend Clint reminded me the other day: “I’m starting to think that the moments that are the most screwed up in life when we forget who we are…are the middle parts of letting our old selves go and embracing then new. Much like a snake skin. It’s a life of transition we all forget we need to go through.” Did I mention Clint is brilliant? ūüėČ

It got me thinking about living with grace and patience within the “in-between” times of¬†life. I have the¬†power and the ability to view circumstances, events, and moments in this beautiful life with new eyes. I can actually transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Perhaps not even new eyes, but open eyes.

I see, but do I really SEE?

Every single day there is a sunrise and a sunset. I’ve missed seeing many of them as I knew there would be another one the next day. I have, at times, become numb to the extraordinary and have viewed it as ordinary. ¬†But there’s magic there. That’s why in the photography world it’s called “Magic Hour”. ¬†It’s that time of day when the sun dips down or up beyond the horizon and the world is lit up¬†in the most magical way.

Shapes come alive…

IMG_4683r web

June19-050r web

Silhouetted trees dance against amber skies…

Mexico14-341r web

Clouds float along a vast canvas of pinks and blues…

Jam__235 web

Morning dew sits delicately on soft leaves of green…

_D4A6243 web

You can actually see individual rays of the golden sun…

Mexico14-317 web

Spider webs sparkle like tiny diamonds

_D4A6330 web

_D4A6325 web

There’s beauty in the¬†every day…

May25-051 web

And within nature’s remarkable: lunar eclipses, northern lights, and blood moons…

Laf14-003 web sept10-005 web sept10-010 web sept10-013 web sept27-018 web

Am I opening my eyes to all of the beauty around me? Are you?

Maybe there is magic within the transition.

The in between.

The breakdown.

The rebuilding.

The letting go.

The moving forward.

The average.

The scars.

The healing.

The right this second.

Eyes wide open.

It’s also why I love people. It’s fascinating the stories people have locked away in their hearts. Stories of wisdom, strength, unrelenting determination. Are we sharing those with others walking similar paths of struggle/victory? Are we hearing¬†those who can teach us something if we simply stop talking and listen with intent? Move beyond the surface with those who cross your path in life. There’s a reason for it.

I hope you see life a little differently this morning. Slowing down at times does not equate to lazy. ¬†It’s about honouring this very stage of life you are in right now and going one step further…celebrating it. Letting go of control and just be. We are all perfectly imperfect people who have grown into who we are today as a result of our ups and downs. Both are equally deserving of respect.

I want to encourage you today to open your eyes, ears and heart to things you may have missed by viewing them as ordinary. Oh no my friends…there is extraordinary in this very moment.

Have a magical day. From my heart to yours,


P.S. I am inspired to start picking up my camera again for personal projects. To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Magic Hour

  1. Thank you for telling me exactly what I needed to hear today. I always feel guilty for slowing down and continue to work finding a balance.
    Your words are wise genuine and perfectly articulated.
    Keep fighting the fight in the elegant classy and beautiful way you do! You always inspire me from a far‚̧ԳŹ

    1. Thank you for your great comment! Happy to hear it was something your needed to read, that’s how timing works I find. The words you need to hear appear ūüôā Have a great day!

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