Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

As I started my Miracle Monday Morning at 5:30 a.m., I had a revelation! Ooooh, don’t you love it when that happens?!

You see, as long as I can remember, I have lived within some sort of fear. When I was a kid, I feared managing a bank account and paying bills. When I was a teenager, I feared driving in Edmonton. In my early 20’s when I held my first baby Ty close to my heart as we left the hospital, I feared I wouldn’t know how to take care of him properly. I remember thinking “Really? You are just going to let me leave with this tiny human?”

Like most fears, they were unfounded when I was forced to do them. I have a balanced bank account, my bills get paid, I drive around Edmonton (and only sometimes get lost), and my son Ty who’s now 19…well he’s a stellar human. Kind, giving, loyal, and determined.

This morning I was thinking about how many things I avoid doing because I don’t want to be uncomfortable. That can be physically: stopping in a circuit because I’m feeling the beginnings of fatigue…or emotionally: not getting to know someone on a deeper level because my introverted nature begs for recharging isolation at times.

But what if I lived within discomfort often?

How would that change my level of fears?

What would I learn about myself and others?

So my goal this week (and as I move forward through this beautiful life) is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This will require courage of spirit and focus of the mind.

As soon as something feels uncomfortable ~ a workout, talking to a stranger, exploring new places, taking an unfamiliar route, sharing my opinion with those I know have an opposing view, getting to know others beyond the surface, not covering up silence with pointless noise, running a little longer or further, photographing something I don’t find beauty within but searching for it, completing tasks I put off, embracing the pain of trials, speaking up when my mind wants to retreat ~ I’m going to stay within that discomfort for a little while. As long as I stick with it a little longer than my mind/spirit/body wants to, then to me that’s success.

I already know how to do this to a degree within fitness…I have to forge through physical discomfort often; however, I want to take that one step further to push through my comfort zone daily in other areas of my life. Because comfort feeds complacency.  And that’s not the life I’m creating my friends.

How much of this one amazing life am I missing out on just because I want to be comfortable?

What opportunities am I missing?

What lessons am I keeping within simply because there’s vulnerability within sharing with others beyond the surface? And what lessons do others have to teach me too?

There’s so many questions…all of which have answers if I simply push myself out of my comfort zone.

Comfort zones

Will you take this challenge with me? Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Share your stories of discomfort and what you learned through it, I’d love to hear from you.

From my heart to yours,



4 thoughts on “Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

  1. Once again thank you for sharing my friend. I’m taking up the challenge. I know I’ll find small things that make me uncomfortable and I’ll grow. Love you for being you! You are an amazing woman!💕😊

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