Time: Our Most Precious Commodity

As I was journalling today, I got to thinking about the concept of Time.  The paradoxical truth of time’s vastness and it’s fleeting quality. We all have no idea how much time we will be gifted in life.

So what do you want to do with your time?

Who do you want to spend it with?

How much time is wasted or not treated with respect within your life?

I know you have goals, as do I…how much time are we willing to spend on a dream without action?

Right this moment, you are gifting me your time by reading this post. Thank you 🙂  With that said, I want to use your time wisely and perhaps get you thinking a little…

We have 24 hours in a day, much of our time is spent sleeping.  How will you use the rest to get the best out of this one precious life you’ve been given?

Quality over Quantity

There have been stages in my life when I was very good at managing my time and packed a whole lot of quality within it.  But then the momentum of mundane seeps in, and there’s a pull to avoid and procrastinate, putting too much importance on tomorrow. I’ve found much value in changing my perception. A wake up call for the mind, reminding myself that today is important. Right now is important. Get up off that couch and live. Do something outside of my comfort zone. Meet new people. Share even when it feels uncomfortable.

Create your own Fun

Let’s all agree, that there’s a lot of annoying in life.  Bills to be paid, lines to wait in, coughing waiting rooms to sit in, and bathrooms that don’t clean themselves.

I was out for lunch once with a friend, and there was a couple sitting beside us.  It was a beautiful, sit on a patio in the warm sun kinda day. Laughter floating on the breeze between friends who haven’t seen one another in awhile. Yet this couple…sat together in misery. Once the woman received her food, the order was wrong.  She said nothing to the waitress, but rather waited for a few minutes of angry eyes staring at this horrible wrongly placed food until she started muttering to her man. Oh the horror!  WRONG FOOD! THIS DAY IS THE WORST!  At that moment, I was struck by the absurdity of it all. That one wrong meal could affect someone so much…obviously not about the meal. I was thinking in my head, this couple was gifted with time together on a perfect day on a patio. How are they OK with living a life of disappointment, entitlement, anger? Life can be fun if you change your perception.

If your life doesn’t have some fun within it, create it! What do you like to do?  What brings joy into your heart?  Go do it! What are you waiting for?  Do you have people in your life who make you laugh and remind you not to take life so seriously? Go spend time with them!  Catch a comedy at the theatre. Go do something ridiculous like renting one of those scooter thingies in the mall, ride around with the self-created wind in your hair! ha!  Just have fun. Life doesn’t have to be so serious.

Your Perception is your Reality

If you’ve followed my blog, you will understand that this year has been a tough one for me personally; however, I remind myself often that I have the ability to choose my thoughts and perceptions.

No matter what adversity you are dealing with in your life, YOU have the power to control your thoughts and feelings surrounding it. This is where you will truly grow as a person, through the hardship and trials. It’s what forces us out of complacency.

I ask myself this question often through the bad days: how will I use this to grow as a person? How will I use the pain to my advantage? There is wisdom and answers within that pain. Just like through exercise, if you challenge your muscles…push through the uncomfortable…you will grow.

I hope you have a great day and use your time as the gift that it is.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.30.42 AM

From my heart to yours,



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