On Tummy Tucks

Plastic Surgery…

All you have to do is say that phrase out loud and every one has an opinion.  You may be totally against it, you may be all for it, or you may be indifferent. Either way, the opinions are usually strong on this topic.

Since the topic of Tummy Tucks has come up many times in random conversations: here’s my take on it.  My opinion comes from personal experience and a LOT of thought.

Last year I posted THIS post.  You may think that what I’m about to share contradicts that post, but I assure you that in my heart-of-hearts…it does not.

The journey to lose just shy of 100 pounds was a long one. It took a lot of work, sweat, and retraining of my mind. I spent years trapped in a body that I thought I could do nothing to change because I simply didn’t know how to. I wasn’t overweight because I was lazy, as is often the stereotype of overweight people (I will save that for another post).

Back when I was my heaviest, I was positive that once I got to my goal weight, life would be full of butterflies,  peaches, lollipops, and perhaps rainbows would shoot out my  toned tush. Then I got there…and wouldn’t you know it, that wasn’t the case. I know, shocking right?! Ok, I was not only miserable at my heaviest, but  also delusional. 😉

The day came when I reached my goal weight.  I was faithfully doing cardio 6 days a week, and weights 3 days a week.  But guess what happened when I lost almost 100 pounds and had 3 kids as well? I was left with extra skin that no amount of exercise or weight training would erase. Especially in my abdomen region. Sit ups couldn’t change that. Believe me, I tried.

I just wanted to feel like myself again. I wanted to see the results of the work that I put in. Seven years ago I told myself that I would get a tummy tuck and after visiting a plastic surgeon 5 years ago and hearing the amount of recovery that was involved in getting a full tummy tuck, I decided it wasn’t for me.

And then I thought about it…

For 5 years…

And within those years, I did sit ups, cardio, kick-boxing, planks, mountain-climbers, the bicycle…anything and everything that targets the mid-section.

All for no change to my  lower tummy region.

Long story short, I went back for a consult once again last November and we discussed an alternative.  A mini-tummy tuck.  The surgery is less invasive and the recovery time is less, because the excess skin is removed from the bottom portion of the tummy only.

Three weeks ago today, I went for my mini tummy tuck.

I’m happy with my decision. It was the right choice for me.  I’m not going to lie, the first couple of weeks were more painful than I anticipated because the scar I now sport travels hip-to-hip. This week however, I feel fantastic. I even got in a slow 5K run yesterday. 🙂  This is not my “quick fix”. I now need to put the work in to see results.  This mini tuck removed skin, it didn’t build muscle.

I’m looking forward to actually seeing the results of the work I put in now that I’ve had my mini-tuck.

I know not everyone will understand nor will they agree with my decision, and that’s OK. If you don’t believe in plastic surgery, than just don’t get any. 😉  But please know that I understand this choice because I’ve walked these miles in my very own sneakers and I’m happy with the decision that I’ve spent 7 years thinking about.

And on the topic of “You share too much”, I’m OK with that too.  The reason I’m OK with it is because every time I’ve posted something that wasn’t comfortable to share, I receive e-mails and comments from others who understands and/or needs support as well. Positive out, positive in…it works.

If you have questions about this topic, feel free to message me: cjhop [at] telus [dot] net. I’m happy to share!

From my heart to yours,


22 thoughts on “On Tummy Tucks

  1. I think we all have to do what’s right for us. Plastic surgery has its place; in this instance, it makes a whole lot of sense. Kudos to you for all your hard work, losing the weight and getting healthy and strong!

    As someone who sometimes feels that she errs on the side of oversharing, I think that we SHOULD be talking about these things. By posting this, you are providing thoughtful discussion for others who may be considering the same decision but feel somehow ashamed or uncomfortable about it.

    1. Thank you for the support Nadine. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who errs on the side of over sharing 😉 I appreciate your comment.

  2. You are a true inspiration & I marvel you and your amazing personality! You always bring a smile to my face! 😉

  3. Yeah! So happy for you!! I know we’ve talked about this and I have thousands of questions. Happy recovery and new tummy muscle building!

  4. You know i am happy you posted this as i too have been thinking about it just want the skin gone, would you share pics and how much does such surgery cost?

    1. Thanks for your comment Lavina. The mini-tummy tuck was around $3,200. As for pictures, I can send you some when I take some. I have photos right after, but there are bandages across the incision. The thing about this surgery is you have to be very patient because the scar is very big (hip to hip) and the swelling can take up to two months to come down. It’s hard not to want the healing to speed up and see what the scar will look like in a few months. I’m reserving all judgments on what my tummy will actually look like for another month and I know the scar can take a full year to really settle. Patience is key if you have this surgery. 🙂

  5. There is nothing wrong with tweaking what you already fixed! YOU have every right to make whats right to make you feel more confident and better about yourself…You put the time in, the hard work and discipline! Great job and I wish you continued success with keeping the weight off and inspiring others to make positive changes:)

  6. Way to go Christine and well put. I have the option of having a sort of free one and I’m not brave enough in part because of the pain involved. I remember a friend going through some body plastic surgery and she explained back then about the pain level. Glad you finally did it and yes you deserve to enjoy your newer smaller beautiful body 🙂

    1. Thank you Charman, yes I have to tell you I was a little unprepared for the amount of pain involved. I’ve had 3 c-sections so I figured it would be about the same since it was a mini-tuck, however in this case the scar is hip-to-hip so wearing pants along the incision while you are healing and swollen is a bit tricky! But every day it gets better. I understand deciding not to do it…absolutely understand. 🙂

  7. I feel the same way, I lost 50 pounds before I had Layla and the skin just hung off my body. I had worked so hard to achieve my goal and still wasn’t happy. Now that my family is complete I am working on losing all that weight again and will not hesitate to do a tummy tuck.

    1. Kristen my friend, you have such a beautiful family…you should just keep having more beautiful babies. 😉 lol I have no doubt you will reach all the goals you set for yourself with your determination and hard work. If you have questions about the surgery, just message me (or we’ll have a chat over a glass of red!)

  8. Christine, I think that when a person makes a decision to do, or not do something, they make the correct decision at that time, for them. Seeking the information to make an informed choice is always a key step.

    I enjoy your posts because of the information you share. Most of the time your posts make me think,give me some other viewpoint to consider or just make me smile. Thank you (and please keep posting)

    1. Thank you Lois for comment! I hope you are doing well. Yes, informed choice: I err on the side of over-informing myself until I talk myself out of most things in life. ha! I will absolutely keep posting, thanks for reading.

  9. Hey Chris,
    I applaud you for telling the world that “yes indeed, I had plastic surgery!” We each have our hang-ups on parts of our body we don’t like. I know as time goes on, and plastic surgery becomes more and more common, there should be less people who condemn it.
    Are you happy with the results? Would you dare bare a bikini now?!!
    As you know, life’s too short to make your decisions based on what other people will think of you for it. I’m realizing that more and more as each year passes in life. My inner happiness is far more important than the approval of someone else (too bad I didn’t know that at 18!).
    Enjoy your “new and improved” tummy!

    1. It’s so good to read your comment Leanne, I miss you so much! Am I happy with the results? Well, I have to be patient in this case and reserve all judgment until the swelling goes down and the scar heals a bit more. Swelling can take up to two months (or longer) to settle and the scar takes much longer than that to lighten and settle. The other side of this is I can’t do any weights for another month or so, and only light cardio. It’s tough to just sit here hoping to heal faster. 😉 But would I dare to wear a bikini? I did wear a modest bikini 10 days after the surgery when I went to Vegas. I’m certainly happy I decided to go ahead with the surgery, and the skin that I wanted gone is definitely gone. Thanks for your support!

  10. Good for you Christine. We all have to feel good about ourselves and if you don’t like something about yourself you have to fix it however possible. I had a co worker that lost 100 pounds as well and had the full lower body tuck as I call it 4 years ago. She was cut all way round at her hips and had a front and back tuck. I went to see her in the hospital and was amazed at what had just happened to her. She even showed me her incision..she was drugged induced and I should have been after that!! She was in a lot of pain as well but up and walking on her second day. She is a confident person like you and I could still see the change in how she held herself afterwards. You could hardly see her scar after a year. Forget about what everyone else thinks..your happy, your family is much happier because of it and I can hardly wait to see you in that bikini!!

    1. Thank you Connie! and Congratulations to your co-worker. I can’t imagine how much that would hurt. But pain passes 🙂 Thank you for your support. xoxo Much love!

  11. Well, after your text the other day about being unsure about blogging this journey……….I have read every single comment from all of these fantastic and accepting women on here and I have no doubt that sharing was the right thing to do 🙂 I think you have yet again inspired people with your honesty and openness to share your heart in order to show others how to be positive 🙂 you are very loved and cherised. I love you my clicky xxxx proud of you too xxxx

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