On Tummy Tucks

Plastic Surgery…

All you have to do is say that phrase out loud and every one has an opinion.  You may be totally against it, you may be all for it, or you may be indifferent. Either way, the opinions are usually strong on this topic.

Since the topic of Tummy Tucks has come up many times in random conversations: here’s my take on it.  My opinion comes from personal experience and a LOT of thought.

Last year I posted THIS post.  You may think that what I’m about to share contradicts that post, but I assure you that in my heart-of-hearts…it does not.

The journey to lose just shy of 100 pounds was a long one. It took a lot of work, sweat, and retraining of my mind. I spent years trapped in a body that I thought I could do nothing to change because I simply didn’t know how to. I wasn’t overweight because I was lazy, as is often the stereotype of overweight people (I will save that for another post).

Back when I was my heaviest, I was positive that once I got to my goal weight, life would be full of butterflies,  peaches, lollipops, and perhaps rainbows would shoot out my  toned tush. Then I got there…and wouldn’t you know it, that wasn’t the case. I know, shocking right?! Ok, I was not only miserable at my heaviest, but  also delusional. 😉

The day came when I reached my goal weight.  I was faithfully doing cardio 6 days a week, and weights 3 days a week.  But guess what happened when I lost almost 100 pounds and had 3 kids as well? I was left with extra skin that no amount of exercise or weight training would erase. Especially in my abdomen region. Sit ups couldn’t change that. Believe me, I tried.

I just wanted to feel like myself again. I wanted to see the results of the work that I put in. Seven years ago I told myself that I would get a tummy tuck and after visiting a plastic surgeon 5 years ago and hearing the amount of recovery that was involved in getting a full tummy tuck, I decided it wasn’t for me.

And then I thought about it…

For 5 years…

And within those years, I did sit ups, cardio, kick-boxing, planks, mountain-climbers, the bicycle…anything and everything that targets the mid-section.

All for no change to my  lower tummy region.

Long story short, I went back for a consult once again last November and we discussed an alternative.  A mini-tummy tuck.  The surgery is less invasive and the recovery time is less, because the excess skin is removed from the bottom portion of the tummy only.

Three weeks ago today, I went for my mini tummy tuck.

I’m happy with my decision. It was the right choice for me.  I’m not going to lie, the first couple of weeks were more painful than I anticipated because the scar I now sport travels hip-to-hip. This week however, I feel fantastic. I even got in a slow 5K run yesterday. 🙂  This is not my “quick fix”. I now need to put the work in to see results.  This mini tuck removed skin, it didn’t build muscle.

I’m looking forward to actually seeing the results of the work I put in now that I’ve had my mini-tuck.

I know not everyone will understand nor will they agree with my decision, and that’s OK. If you don’t believe in plastic surgery, than just don’t get any. 😉  But please know that I understand this choice because I’ve walked these miles in my very own sneakers and I’m happy with the decision that I’ve spent 7 years thinking about.

And on the topic of “You share too much”, I’m OK with that too.  The reason I’m OK with it is because every time I’ve posted something that wasn’t comfortable to share, I receive e-mails and comments from others who understands and/or needs support as well. Positive out, positive in…it works.

If you have questions about this topic, feel free to message me: cjhop [at] telus [dot] net. I’m happy to share!

From my heart to yours,