I’m a Runner

I had to get a quick post in before going to meet up with a friend…I’m coming Miriam!

This morning, as I was walking the kiddies to school, I was talking to another Mom. She said she saw me running yesterday. She asked “So how long have you been a runner?” It took me off-guard and in my head I thought… “crap, she thinks I’m a runner.” I stammered out “oh, a couple of years I guess”. In the brief minute we talked, my mind was thinking “I’m not a runner. I can only run for a few minutes at a time. I’m totally winded most of my run. I run so slowly.” As she was walking away I added in parting… “I was totally winded the entire run”.

So, as I was thinking about it this morning. Why was I so quick to be down on myself? What makes someone a runner? Do you have to sign up for races to be a runner? Do you have to run fast to be a runner? It took me a looooong time to be able to run for a few minutes at a time.

I was the same way with my photography. It took me 5 years to tell someone that I was a photographer. I usually say “I take pictures on the side.”

I think the only way to continue on a course of moving forward, is to be really proud of who you are, and what you can do. If you allow your mind to tell you that you can’t do something, or that you have no business doing something…well, you probably won’t do it.

I’m a runner.

I’m a photographer.

Be proud of all your accomplishments. It takes time and work for your body to adapt to a new way of life. But, guess what?! Your body WILL adapt. Keep pushing, keep going, keep trying. Don’t give up. If you are winded and tired take a moment to catch your breath, then keep at it. The only way you will find out you can do it is by actually doing it.

Don’t give in to negative self-talk. It will keep you from moving forward.

Challenge yourself today, and be good to you!


11 thoughts on “I’m a Runner

  1. You ar awesome! You ARE a runner, and a hell of a great photographer. When I grow up, I want to be just like you! Wanna know a secret? As I have gone on in life in the last few years (since I met you, anyhow), I looked at you as waht I can be some day. I see me as the before, and you as the after cause I know you were just like me at one time. So I need to thank you for everything you have done to be who you are today – now I know that I can do it too!

  2. Leigh, you can be EXACTLY who you want to be. I would venture to guess that you have no idea how strong you are. The time is now to go for it! Be clear about your goals, and take steps forward. Ask yourself if your actions are ones that will move you forward, or keep you from reaching your goals. I believe people are brought into our lives for reasons. I love your outlook on life, your confidence, and your wicked sense of humour. You rock lady 🙂

  3. Christine, you are exactly right never give up! If you have a passion for something ANYTHING is possible. You my friend are a runner, you are a photographer, you are AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring all of us 🙂

  4. Christine, you are awesome, and you are a runner!!!
    It definatly is hard to say, as I like to say I like to run, but I’m not a runner. SOmeone then called me a triathilte! How cool was that to feel!!!!!

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