Starting Fresh

I’m in a funk.  It happens sometimes, but this summer, I over indulged on over indulging.  We went camping a few times, and I had my fill of smokies and blender drinks.   

My pants are too tight.

That’s ridiculously discouraging.

The kids have started a fresh new year of school, so I’m getting back into my routine as well.  I can not believe how much better I feel drinking lots of water, eating healthy, exercising…it’s ridiculously encouraging.

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I was yet again reminded the power of routine and habits. I read somewhere it takes a month to establish a habit.  So I encourage you, along with me, to get back into a healthy routine.  Or, start fresh, everyday is a brand new day. 

  • Drinks lots of water daily
  • Exercise! Get that heart rate up for at least 10 minutes at some point in your day.  30 minutes of exercise would be even better. Continue to challenge yourself and do more and more as you build strength and endurance.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies!  Our society is built on convenience.  What’s more convenient than grabbing fruits or veggies for a snack.  If you don’t like fruits and veggies, keep eating them.  As your body adjusts to natural flavours and sugars, your tastes will change too. 
  • Limit your sugar intake. If you eat alot of sugar, you probably crave a lot of sugar. I was just thinking about this the other day. My son woke up early in the morning and while still wiping the sleep from his eyes, asked for McDonald’s for breakfast.   I told him No, and he told me he was “craving” it.  That really stuck with me. 

My 7 year old craves McDonald’s. 


It’s no wonder, McDonald’s food is loaded with sugar, fat, and salt.  All of those elements combined have your blood sugar on a sugary roller coaster.  Do you notice that those types of food have you hungry and craving more not long after you eat them?  They don’t fill you up the same way that natural healthy foods do. 

I’m not saying I’ll never let my kids eat McDonald’s, but I guess I better be watching how often I take them there.  It freaked me out that he craved McDonald’s.

That’s my thoughts for the day.   I’m decided to recommit to committing to one day making a commitment to healthy living.  Just joking.  That day is now!  Who’s with me?! 

If you hate exercising, crank up the music and dance it out for a song or two everyday.  It’s OK if your dancing happens to bring on blank stares and eye-rolling.  It’s all part of a day 🙂    

Have a great active day!  It’s so good for the soul ❤