The Strength of the Human Spirit

“The deeper the dark, the closer the dawn. However profound the suffering that envelops you, never forget the inner spark of hope and courage. Never lose the capacity to wait with patient enduring”

Daisaku Ikeda


This week I have seen the power and strength of the human spirit in so many woman who have come into my life.  After publishing the “Moving Past Shame”post, I wasn’t sure what would come of it.  Women started to share their pain, their stories, and their past with me.  I was asked a few times what made me post such a private event in my life and the answer is…I don’t know.  I really don’t.  I went to bed one night and as I was trying to sleep, the same thought kept going over and over in my mind…to share the experience.  I decided that if I woke up and still felt strongly that I should post about it, then I would.  I was shocked to feel the same way after I had a good night’s sleep. 

I am amazed at the strength of the human spirit.  To move forward in life through pain, and suffering, and make it to a place of acceptance and reverence for life and the human spirit is such a blessing. 

 There are many that have gone through far worse things than I have gone through, so I do hope you understand that I don’t pretend to know what true loss is.  I don’t. I can only draw from my own experiences and in doing so hope that something I have decided to share will help someone else move forward.  That has always been my goal whenever I hit the publish button on this blog.

These past few days since I published my last post, I have really struggled with the knowledge that there is no going back after you stand in the truth.  It’s out there.  There is something equally scary and freeing all at the same time within that knowledge.

I continue to believe that it’s important to  give back what you have been given in life and I’ve had the fortune of drawing support from some very strong and giving people.  Sometimes we forget how much power is within human connection and compassion.   How much power there is within a kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a smile, or a hug.

Life is scary sometimes.  But live in the knowledge that no matter what stage you are going through, you are loved. You are cherished. You will get through it with the support and love from those around you.  And if you are standing beside someone that is struggling, live in the knowledge that you are making a difference in their life by giving your love and support.  Know that down the road when they are able to, they will remember your giving heart and give back to someone else that enters their life.  The cycle of human kindness, strength, and spirit is alive and well.  I thank God for that.

After that night at camp, I will always remember my friends and family standing by me.  One memory that is so clear to me was going to visit my friend Leanne at her home a few days after camp.  She was just going to bed, and her light was already off. I have this memory of opening the door to her room and as the light from the hall hit her, I could see she had been crying.  She was crying for me and all I was trying to deal with.  She didn’t have to say anything.  She just hugged me and cried.  I felt such compassion and love from her, so much so that this memory is as clear as day to me 18 years later.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this today, just got the urge to follow-up on my past blog post.  Thank you for the support.  I appreciate it.  As always, I’m here to give support to you as well! 



From my heart to yours,