I Cleaned out my Closet

I was talking to a friend about how cluttered my closet is and it’s translated into my life as well.  My life is my cluttered closet. 

I had enough yesterday and ran up to my closet. Clothes went flying out of my closet and onto the floor. I was a mad cleaning woman on a mission to declutter my closet.  I realized that the clothes in my closet range from size 20 to size 9.  The bigger clothes shoved to the back, but taking up precious space.  With each piece of too-big clothing I removed, I actually felt lighter.  Each piece of clothing represented a memory of a time in my life that looking back meant a lot to me.  My Fire Training School uniform, my size 18 jeans, my baggy 2x sweaters, various sizes of workout clothes…all hold memories of where I’ve come from.  It was time to let them go however.  I can’t believe I’ve held onto them for so many years. 

I packed up 3 bags of clothes and loaded them into my car.  As I was unloading each bag to Goodwill, I felt a release and realized that I will not be going back to that place ever again.  It was both freeing and sad at the same time.  It was a time in my life that I realized what I finally wanted in life. It marked the beginning.  

Good-bye big clothes!  My closet is much lighter and represent where I am NOW in my life.  There’s no going back, only forward.

3 thoughts on “I Cleaned out my Closet

  1. That is so awesome Chrissy!
    I actually clean out my closet once a year and anything I have not worn in the last year gets the heave ho!! There are of course some items not many that I can not part with like a pair of western jeans that I absolutely love that have stripes on them.

  2. Thanks Mel! It felt really good (for someone that is sooo not an organizer). No wonder all your closets are so orderly…you Martha you! 🙂 I know exactly the jeans you are talking about!

  3. Way to go Christine, i am amazed that you have held onto those clothes for so long…yay, for letting getting go and letting the ‘new’ you shine through in one more way:) I too clean my closet out once a year but am now realizing that there are some thing’s that I wish I had kept…like dress clothes, now that I am back to working outside of my house I need all of those back.

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