Why Out comes before In

I can’t remember if I shared this story with you yet!  If I have, pretend I haven’t and politely nod your head while I babble on.  At the end of it all, you can inform me that you have already heard this before and I will blame my bad memory and worry what I’m going to be like when I get really old.

Since moving to Leduc from my home town Vermilion (which I lived in for most of my life prior to the move), I’ve been told a few times that I have found great friends that are just as weird and crazy as I am.  I am an odd duck…this I know. I had (still have) great friends in Vermilion.  They are amazing and I love them, so I had my doubts when I moved to Leduc that I would be able to make great supportive friends in a new town because I’m not that outgoing.  Well, I’ve forced myself to be outgoing since I’ve moved.  It just doesn’t come naturally to me.

When I first moved to Leduc, my husband and I stopped into a Piano bar.  At the piano bar, there was a table of crazy, fun chicks sitting together with balloons at their table laughing, singing, dancing around.  It made me smile, but mostly it made me envious.  However, the reason I remember that moment at the piano bar so well is because I had the WEIRDEST vision of one day sitting there myself with a bunch of fun-loving friends.  Still even though I saw that in my future, I felt a challenge of how that was going to be a reality since I have never been one to put myself out there much, especially when it comes to meeting new people.

It was around that time when we first moved here that I started realizing that it was up to me to bring into my life all those things that I wanted…non of which were material possessions.  In the past, there was a lot of drama that surrounded my life. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I was the reason for a lot of it.  The changes and realities that I was craving in my life were right in front of me.

I also had a hard time putting out there exactly the person I am.  Which is a reason I started this blog months and months ago. I know now that I missed out on a lot of great friendships back in my home town because I didn’t put myself out there.

It’s easy to be envious of the things I want to bring into my life, but what good does that do?  If I want it bad enough, I should go get it.

To me, that’s why “positive OUT” comes before “positive IN“.  You have to put it out there.  Do you wish you were more outgoing?  Than be more outgoing!  It may not come easy to you, but the only way you can change patterns is to make changes.  I guess part of the reason that it’s hard to be outgoing is there is a fear that people may not like who I am.  But do I like every person I come in contact with? No! So why should everyone like me?  If you are truly yourself, you will bring into your life like-minded people.  That’s the best part about it!

I just returned home from holidays with a mission to get back into my exercise routine. It’s a big part of who I am today, because of what it brings into my life…clarity, a sense of control, and a feeling of power and pride.  It just enables me to see things in a more positive light.  It enables me to put Positive Out.

And guess what happens when you put the positive out my friends…the positive comes in 10 fold.  That’s great news!

Oh and by the way, I had that night out with friends at that same Piano Bar a year later.  When I walked in, the table that was reserved (complete with balloons) was the very same table I saw before. We celebrated the birthday of a friend who has become one of my very best friends in Leduc.  Our crazy table of friends laughed, danced, and sang. It was a blast. I am grateful.

Below: pictures from that night at the Piano Bar two years ago.

And just for fun…Pictures from last night:

From my heart to yours,


5 thoughts on “Why Out comes before In

  1. Love this Christine… So true… And I am so grateful to have you all in my life! I wish we had more time for play but am so happy when we do finally get out together! Can’t wait for camping my friend… It is going to be EPIC!!!!

  2. I don’t remember hearing the story of the Piano Bar before, so it is very cool it happened that way. My life has been made considerably better by your transfer to Leduc, and I am very grateful for your spunk, spirit and friendship. Kindred spirits sister!

  3. Christine,
    I truly love your blog, I so think your such an amazing person. You are one very wise person and I have learned so much from your life experiences. Little by little I am trying very hard to put myself out there and be more outgoing. Its an ongoing struggle as I am very shy, and feel like at times I am a social misfit with little to no social skills. I am a huge work in progress I say. Little by little trying to make changes. Some days its two steps forward then one back, but I am working on dusting off and trying again. Again thank you for letting us in to your life. You are such an inspiration.

  4. Chrissy,
    I know that I have said this before but your blogs always seem to come when they are needed the most. You are such an amazing woman and the changes that you have made in your life make you an inspiration to so many people.
    I struggle with new things and I have a huge social anxiety issue. I am shy and I have a hard time “putting myself out there” because I am extremely bothered by what people think. I come across as a bitch to so many people.
    I am the pleaser. I have a hard time saying no and when I do the guilt overwhelms me. So a lot of times i end up being very unhappy because I’m busy with making sure everyone else is first. Then I end up disappointed a lot when I do ask for something for me.
    These are all things that I am working on and I just want to thank you again for your blog because it does make a difference 🙂

  5. Tawny: I love you! I can’t wait for our camping trip together. Time together is long overdue. xoxo
    Michelle: Thanks for putting yourself out there first! I’m very thankful for you!
    Margaret: I am happy to hear that you are making little changes…because little changes translate into big changes down the road. Be easy on yourself, because you are surrounded by those who love you. You are a kind, genuine person. Thanks for commenting, you always lift me up. I appreciate it!
    Tammy: Oh my friend, we are the same! You are for sure a people pleaser because of that huge heart of yours, but I hope you remember that you need to put yourself first sometimes. You deserve it! I love you and miss you! xoxo

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