I Believe

I believe we can make a difference in this world.

I believe we are here for a great purpose.

I believe in the power in numbers. Together we can join up to fight to make a huge impact.

I believe it’s our obligation to be informed, even though many times in life I wish I could just stick my head in the sand and pretend life’s harsh realities aren’t in fact realities.

We miss you so much Aunty Lorraine
My Dad: Waiting Room of the Cross Cancer Institute

I have talked quite a lot about the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. So much so that I’m sure many are sick of hearing about it! ūüėČ ¬†One thing I’ve learned since my father’s diagnosis is that we are uncomfortable discussing cancer.

But the reality is this.  YOU WILL BE AFFECTED BY CANCER AT SOME POINT IN YOUR LIFE. Either because your loved one has been diagnosed, or because you have been diagnosed.  Yes, I believe we need to discuss it my friends because there is Hope.

I believe we need to do something, anything to join the fight to make cancer history…because the alternative is to do nothing.

I’m not sure if I’ve adequately explained why I Relay for Life. ¬†Has the Canadian Cancer Society made any progress? ¬†¬†Yes, they’ve made HUGE progress with every year that passes. ¬†The Relay for Life is the main fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society, and it’s what keeps the research going. To one day find a CURE.

Copyright: Canadian Cancer Society, Leduc Relay for Life 2010
Copyright: Canadian Cancer Society, Leduc Relay for Life 2010

The facts: cancer cure rates 

1940: 25% of individuals diagnosed with cancer survived it.
1960: 33% of individuals diagnosed with cancer survived it.
TODAY: 60% of individuals diagnosed with cancer WILL SURVIVE it.

I believe that’s progress to be proud of.

To view the entire video collection regarding the progress that has been made through the Canadian Cancer Society, please click HERE.  Information is power.

Every dollar donated makes a difference, every step taken at the Relay for Life makes a difference.  All those donations, no matter how small, add up to become a big donation. There is power in numbers.

Why fight back? ¬†Because every 3 minutes, another Canadian is faced with fighting cancer. ¬†I believe the funds raised through the Relay for Life is an investment in my friend’s and family’s future. ¬†In my children’s future. ¬†And in my future.

The alternative is to do nothing.  How can we accept that?

There are only 20 days until the Leduc Relay for Life and every dollar raised is a step closer to making cancer history. I’ve raised my fundraising goal to $3,000 and I’m 88% to my goal. ¬†I believe I will reach it! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to all of those who have donated.

Please consider joining the fight¬†to make¬†cancer¬†history. ¬†Yes, my friends we are making a difference.¬†We are making progress, we can’t stop now.¬†

Click to make a donation:

As it turns out, my Dad will be starting his radiation treatments around the same time as the Leduc Relay for Life. ¬†I believe…I know, he’s a fighter and a survivor.¬†Fight, fight, fight.

I believe in Change and in the power of Community.

From my heart to yours,


2 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. My parents are active with the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society as Survivor Chairs for our local section. Neither of them had had cancer when they started (my mom’s dermatologist discovered some malignant spots on her skin a few months ago) but our family has been very deeply affected by cancer, with many survivors and many lives lost in our family. Having participated in a lot of Relays for Life, not only do they raise money for cancer research, but they also foster a sense of support for those fighting cancer, and it’s just overall a very positive inspirational experience.

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