The Special Occasion that is Life

The other night, a few of us shutter bugs got together for drinks.  One of our friends walked in wearing a beautiful dress and a brilliant smile. She looked stunning. Now, let me tell you she’s an amazingly strong woman with an infectious laugh that permeates from her soul. She’s been fighting the cancer dragon with the sort of strength and positive spirit that leaves me in awe. She is really LIVING her life, taking time in her busy schedule to enjoy the sweet joys of life: Photography, travel, hiking, good food and great company.

Because she was wearing such a beautiful dress, we asked her if she had just come from a special event, and she replied that she had this beautiful dress hanging in her closet which she didn’t have many occasions to wear, so today she wore it…just because it was a beautiful day.  You are an incredible woman my friend!

The simply lesson to enjoy life todayright now…is such a gift.  Thank you Kyla.

For a wedding gift, my Mom and Dad gave us a beautiful cutlery set, housed in a wooden box. For 10 years the cutlery sat untouched in its protective box, as there never seemed to be an occasion special enough to warrant using the “fancy cutlery”. One day as I was searching in vain for a tea-spoon to stir the sugar into my morning coffee (those spoons seem to walk off to school), the image of the “special cutlery” popped into my head. I walked over to the box, scooped up each special utensil, and put it all into the everyday cutlery drawer.  I’m sure my mother would gasp if she knew this…ummmmm so maybe don’t tell her. 😉  Now everyday is a special day for using special spoons.  I feel fancy every time I eat cereal.

What special event are we waiting for my friends? If we instead view everyday as a gift, then every day is special. My hope is that I would view every day with wonder and gratitude. I’m working on that, I forget sometimes and focus on the wrong things, which in the end matter very little.

So let me put this out there…

If you are waiting for a memorable event to enjoy something “special”, why not enjoy it today…just because.

~Dress the table in your fanciest linens, put out the good china and cutlery, prepare a delectable supper, enjoy a glass of that wine you’ve been saving…just because today is a gift.

~Pick up the phone, and call a loved one that you’ve lost touch with.

~Tell your friends and family something you appreciate about them…just because you appreciate them.

~Book that vacation you’ve always been meaning to take, even if it’s just a day trip.

~Take a break from the work, and enjoy the sun even if it’s for 5 minutes.

~Go for a walk, run, or bike ride and really take in all your surroundings. Simply because you can.

~Puddle jump, or go for a walk in the rain. A little water won’t hurt.

~Think of all those goals you’ve put on the back burner…waiting for the “right” time. Maybe, just maybe, NOW is the right time.

~Take up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Life long learning is a gift. I don’t know where I would be without photography. It’s a creative outlet that I’m so thankful for.

~Watch the sun set, or the sun rise.

~You know those fancy towels that hang in bathrooms…they are for display not for use. Use them.

~Get dressed up, and go to the grocery store, or to the movies, or anywhere the daily tasks of life takes you.

And when someone asks you: “What’s the special occasion?” You can then reply with a smile “Life.”

From my heart to yours,


7 thoughts on “The Special Occasion that is Life

  1. Warm summer evenings are made to enjoy with friends and sundresses! I’ll toast you later with some wine in a fancy crystal glass that has been covered in dust from not being used!

    BTW – I signed up for a golf tourn – and I do not golf! (A friend showed me some stuff at the driving range earlier today) … and … I am contemplating taking Cheerleading – because I can! 🙂

    Wonderful post.

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  3. I am that wonderful girls’ Mother that came in her beautiful dress. Kyla is a wonderful gift we love so much. Your words about her made my heart beat a little faster and brought tears to my eyes. Thank You, Arlene Feschuk.

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