On Eating Humble Pie

I seem to relearn this lesson over and over again through out my life. Sadly, it often takes a big slice of adversity to offer up a dose of humble pie.

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Before I had kids, I had several ideals on how I would raise my own and what I would and wouldn’t do at various stages in their lives. Aaaaand that didn’t always turn out the way I had envisioned.

When I reached my goal weight, I’d offer up advice to others without the understanding that everyone has different goals, metabolisms, interest in different activities, food likes and dislikes, food sensitivities, etc. It’s definitely not a one size fits all prescription.

Today I’m going through a pretty painful life experience, and true to form…I am so aware of the things I said and did that wasn’t exactly supportive or productive to others who had gone through a similar journey.

All I can do now is learn from my short comings, so I can better support others and to grow into a more compassionate and kind person.

I will always remember from this day forward that if I place judgments, unsolicited advice or questions that are drawn from curiosity on anyone going through hard events in their lives: I better be ready to belly up to the table and chow down on a huge piece of humble pie. Life doesn’t always go the way you predict it will; you never know when you will find yourself in the very place you once placed judgments.

I can’t be expected to know or understand what it’s like to go through something I have yet to go through; however, I do know how to be a good friend to those in need of compassion and understanding. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Gossiping is destructive.

Having ate my fair share of humble pie at this stage in my life, I’m thankful for the lessons that has moulded me into a more authentic person. I’m better able to accept and love others just as they are.  Kindness breeds kindness.

From my heart to yours,







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