How Thoughts Create Reality and Action

I just had a little revelation this morning, so I had to write.

Your thoughts and self-perception become your reality.

I have a vivid memory of a time when I was at my heaviest. I was watching a show and the host said the cause of obesity actually has nothing to do with food. I remember thinking, WHAT?…of course it has everything to do with food! It’s why I’m obese.  My mind just couldn’t wrap around the idea that the cause of my weight issue had deeper roots than my love of food.

Eleven years later, I’m deeply aware that whatever I give power to within my thoughts, translates directly into my actions. Further to action, it converts into the energy we give off to others. How can we possibly attract the elements of life we desire if we spend our time focussing on the things we don’t like about ourselves. On worry. On doubt. On fear.

When I was at my heaviest, I believed I would always be overweight. I conceded to a life of inactivity. Why did I believe I had no choice in the matter? I was just a choice away from a different reality and it all began with a seed of positive thought. It really was that simple.

So how do you foster the positivity and weed out the negativity within the mind?

Become very aware through out your day of your thought patterns. Which activities bring about negativity and which bring about positivity?  Isn’t that what exercise is for? Your body is designed to move. And when you move, endorphins are released. The human body is actually a ridiculously amazing machine if you think about it. I always leave the gym way more positive than when I enter it.

Beyond exercise, there are so many activities you can do that stimulate positive thinking. Read a good book, phone a friend, walk the dog, dance in your kitchen, do a random act of kindness and tell no one!  Just do something within your day to nurture the positive.

On the other side of coin, pay close attention to the activities that bring about negative thoughts. Now, some of these are unavoidable. Laundry will always be there, bills will always have to be paid, snow has to be shovelled. Weed out the ones you can and the self-destructive behaviour. You may not be able to quit all those conditions that trigger negative thinking, but you CAN change your perception of them and the way you think about it.

Focus on gratitude. We all have so much in life to be grateful for. Give energy and power to your thankful heart.  A thankful heart will always exude pure love. Give a whole lot of positive thought to your aspirations. Dream! It’s never too late to dream. And then act on those dreams. Even if it’s just a tiny step. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.09.45 AM

I hope your day is full of positivity!

From my thankful heart to yours,