Take Back the Power!

Life is busy.  As a Mom the day never stops.  Moms are always on call, and someone always needs something.  There is never really a “good” time to workout.   Let go of the idea that there is a right time to exercise because the time may not be there and before you know it another day is drawing to a close and the exercise time just never came up!

So how do you find the time to workout? 

You just MAKE the time.

  • Involve the kids.  Go outside and run after a soccer ball.  Put in an exercise DVD and workout with the kids by your side playing along.  Skip, dance, run, do jumping jacks, play…go to the park and try out the monkey bars!
  • If you’re at work, take your coffee break or part of a lunch hour to go for a walk, or jog around the block.  Even if it’s 10 minutes of exercise here and there it counts!  Rather than e-mail a co-worker, walk to their desk and talk to them (what a novel idea with today’s technology!).  Involve your co-workers and start an at-work weight loss competition or a group workout time.
  • Get up extra early and exercise.  You won’t believe how good you will feel to start out your day this way.
  • Strap on a pedometer and move a little more.  Do you know that people that wear pedometers move up to an average of 2,000 more steps a day?
  • Put the kids in a wagon or a stroller and go for a walk/jog. 
  • Step in place (remember high-knees!) or lift hand weights while you watch TV.  Come up with an exercise to do during each commercial break such as squats, lunges, running in place, mountain climbers..oh the possibilities are endless!
  • Find a workout buddy so you are accountable to someone.

Yes life is busy.  Everyone’s life is busy. 

No more excuses

You are in control of your day. 

You are in control of the foods you chose to eat. 

You are in control of the amount of exercise you incorporate into your day. 

Take back the control, take back the power

There is NO ONE standing in the way of your goals except for you.  I apologize if that sounds preachy, but I was and still am the queen of excuses..I have to tell myself this all the time!

The great part of challenging yourself and succeeding in your goals is that you learn so much about yourself.  Just be you and make no apologies.

Have a fabulously active day 🙂