Confessions of a Former Couch Potato

I went for a run a few times these past couple of weeks.  The hardest part of any run is taking the initiative to put on my running shoes.

The last couple of times I ran my 5 Km route, I found it tough for a couple of reasons.

1. I was chased by a flock, a pack, a herd (whatever they are called when there are too many to count) of hissing Geese.  Add to that my fear of birds and feathers and it was quite the traumatizing experience.  I gave them my crazy eyes and ran for the hills screaming on the first 10 strides.  On the upside, I improved my pace on that particular Km by a minute.

2.  I had a hard time running the entire time.  My legs felt like I had strapped weights to them.  I forced through it, but it wasn’t easy where it has been easier on other runs.

As I pushed through it, the discouraging thoughts kept running through my head…

“Run faster”

“Your pace is slow, pick it up”

“Other people run this route minutes faster than you”

Yes, my internal banter is odd.  But a few minutes after all of the discouraging stuff I realized this and actually said it out loud…

“You’re a former Couch Potato, be proud, you are running 5K”

When I first started this journey I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds without everything in me screaming to stop.

Running does not come naturally to me.  I worked up to running 1 minute, walking 5 minutes over the length of 30 minutes.  Then I worked up to 2 min. run/5 min walk.  Then 2 min. run/2 min. walk.  Then 5 min. run/2 min. walk…and so on until I could eventually run for 10 minutes straight…then 20 minutes…then 30 minutes…then 45 minutes…and my next goal is to run for a full hour.

I used to live my life on the sidelines.  I didn’t think there would ever come a time that I would be a runner, or a writer, or a photographer, or even confident in my own skin for that matter.

I believe healthy competition is good for the soul and can drive you further.  But comparing yourself to anyone else is not productive in anyway.

We are all different, have different strengths and weaknesses, and different goals.

Last night during my run, I spent the first 2.5 Km discouraged, and the last 2.5 Km proud at the progress I’ve made over the past 5 years.

I can tell you that the first half of my run was harder than the last half. I actually ran the last half with a big smile plastered on my face and pride in my heart.

Life is good, especially when you stop looking at it from the sidelines and actually jump in and live it.

From my heart to yours,


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Former Couch Potato

  1. Love this post Christine!

    You write such true, beautiful thoughts. I truly enjoy all of your posts!

    I am not a runner myself and I have tried over the years and I must say…wow! running 45 minutes straight! You rock girl!

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