That Feeling

A dear friend of mine whom I’ve known and loved for years, asked me how I got to the point of where I am today of keeping the weight off.  I’ve always described to her that it’s a feeling, a stat-of-being that I can’t put my finger on and it’s difficult to describe through words, but you’ll know it when you get there.  It’s not a formula of exactly what to eat and how much to exercise.  It comes from within.

I’ve watched her transform as well over the past year.  She’s growing and changing and it’s been amazing to witness.  As we talked on the phone yesterday, she described to me how powerful she felt, how she felt self-respect, and self-confidence and didn’t quite know how she arrived there, but she felt it.  Eureka!  She’s there!  It was one of those moments that happen in life that you know you will always remember.  She’s on her own path of self-discovery!

That moment happened for me when I still had quite a lot of weight to lose.  I was still in the 200’s, but I knew with all of my being that I would reach my goal weight and keep it off this time.  I may have been far from my goal, but I already felt like I had arrived.  It was just a matter of time. Over my 20’s I had tried quite a few ways to lose the weight, but none of them felt sustainable and my drive and desire gave way to defeat.  Which, in turn gave way to eating more, moving less, and gaining even more weight than before.

So how can I explain the difference this time around?  The big change for me was that the positives of getting this part of my life under control outweighed the negatives of staying as I was. I was miserable, uncomfortable in my own body, and lacked self-confidence.  The drive and desire came from a place of refusing to no longer live life like I had in the past.

I truly didn’t feel strong enough to tackle what I knew would be a huge undertaking to lose 90 plus pounds, so I didn’t view it that way.  I set out a range of goal weights, the first being under 200, then second being 185, the third being 170, and finally the last goal weight of 165.  My weight just naturally settled at 150 by way of my lifestyle.

There are many ways you can choose to eat and exercise. I LOATHED exercising at one time, because I didn’t feel anything within.  It was just a chunk of time that I sweated my butt off, but I hated every minute of it.  It was that way at the beginning of my journey as well, but this time I forced through it because my mind was clear on my goals and my desire to move forward was strong.  There was no more excuses, no more “I’ll deal with it later”.

Before I knew it (it truly doesn’t take long), I could feel my mind and body getting stronger.  I was more coordinated.  I was more confident.  The negative inner banter fizzled away and was replaced with positive, because didn’t I deserve to be the woman I always wanted to be?

The mind is the most powerful tool, and to me it’s the one factor between success or failure towards a goal of any kind.  There’s no room for “I can’t”, or “maybe tomorrow”.  The time is right now because you say so.  When you change those thought patters, the weight will come off, make no mistake about it.

I’m not sure if I articulated what that feeling is, but I will tell you this…It’s amazing!  It transfers into all areas of life.  It turns the discouraged into the encouraged. But one of the greatest rewards is it turns one into an encourager of others.  Recently a friend told me I had the gift of encouragement (thank you!). I never looked at it that way before, but it truly is important to me to encourage and lift up others as I will always remember what it felt like to be stuck in a place where I didn’t feel that within.

From my heart to yours,


4 thoughts on “That Feeling

  1. Love it! I’m not there *yet* but having had some regular exercise this past week, I was gonna “put off” the treadmill till this afternoon but thought, why? So I got on it, and feel soooo much better now. I’m still in the place where I kinda have to admit I feel, well, thankful that its over with for the day, but I know I will get to *your* place soon.
    hearts and hugs from waay up in Cold Lake.

  2. The hardest part of any workout is deciding to lace up your runners. Keep going, keep pushing, keep moving, keep smiling. You are amazing! I could feel that all the way from Cold Lake! 🙂

  3. Chrissy, you truly do have the gift of encouragement. You have a natural way of saying exactly what’s in your heart and that’s not easy to do. You should be so proud, not only for what YOU have accomplished, but for what you do every time you open yourself up on this blog. You inspire, you encourage and you motivate and that is a VERY hard thing to do, well!
    I know, you sure inspire me. And you’re right, the hardest part is putting on your runners and getting out the door. I still struggle with this almost every day.
    Hugs lady.

  4. Love ya Elena. You have been a HUGE source of inspiration and motivation to me over the years. You continue to teach me that staying active is a lifestyle and to push myself to try new things. I miss you and I’m so thankful for you (here’s to getting together sometime this year and forgetting to sleep) xoxo

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