Here’s to Different

I stumbled across this quote today.

“If each man or woman could understand that every other human life is as full of sorrows, or joys, or base temptations, of heartaches and of remorse as his own . . . how much kinder, how much gentler he would be.”
William Allen White

You know those moments in life, when another kind soul shares an encouraging word that you will always remember?  In time, the encourager may not remember the words they’ve shared, but the receiver of encouragement will always remember and treasure those words…locking them forever in their memory to be recalled when they need it most.

Through out the years, I’ve had many of these amazing kind souls share their words of wisdom with me at times when I least expected it and when I needed it most.  One of these amazing souls happens to be my sister Roxy.  She is my second Mother.  She taught me that different is beautiful, and that it takes courage to go against status quo.  She knew who she was early on in life, where as it took me years to figure it out…I’m still figuring it out.  She had the tenacity to stand up for her beliefs.

She raised my little sister and I to love and appreciate music, live theatre, and all facets of the amazing world that is the Arts. A world of colour, imagination, depth, and diversity.  We called ourselves “The Sisters 3 Club” and we used to put on little drama productions for anyone who would watch.  My sisters and I grew up in a small town where the flair for the unique wasn’t always embraced; however, Roxy embraced different and owned it.  I always knew she would grow up to enjoy a life full of the Arts, which she has.

I grew up watching her perform at the Fringe festival, and various other productions she was part of in University. She later went on to be a Drama Instructor guiding those who share an appreciation of the Arts. Today she transforms spaces in homes to reflect who the owner is through interior design. I’m so proud of her.

Her love for the Arts was passed on to me as well and I’ve kept many of the stubs for productions she either took me to, or that she was a part of.

One of the words of wisdom that she shared with me when I was a little girl, has stayed with me to this day, and it’s something I tell my daughter often.  While I can’t remember it verbatim, it went a little something like this….  I asked Roxy “Do you think I look nice in this outfit?”  She looked down at me and replied “Do you think you look nice?” I nodded my little girl head and she followed with “Then that’s all that matters. Wear what you want to wear. Whatever you think is beautiful, is then beautiful.”  The lesson I took from her words in relation to something as insignificant as “what should I wear” is to be the woman I want to be, and Own it.  Even if it’s different…actually, especially if it’s different.

She taught me to believe exactly what one’s heart and soul leads them to believe. The transformation of a belief morphs from a question, to a feeling of peace that comes when one follows the only path that is right for them because it’s their own truth.

So here’s to different…

Here’s to the ability to understand and appreciate others who come with a different point of view from our own. May our understanding come without judgement.

Because different is refreshing, and it not only brings about change, but it can also solidify what you know is your own truth.  That is exactly how we all grow in life.

Thank you Roxy for all you’ve done to influence and inspire me in this crazy ride we call life. I love you.

From my heart to yours,


2 thoughts on “Here’s to Different

  1. I am both honoured and humbled to be a part of the fabric of you. I love you so deeply, and always will my sister. Thank you for embracing me and for loving me through thick and thin and all kinds of phases of different. You are an amazing woman. xoxoxo

  2. You are surrounded by some pretty amazing people! We really do need to take a moment and say thank you to that special someone that has inspired or encouraged us because so often that other person has no idea the impact they have had.

    I love your words of wisdom that you passed on to your beautiful little girl. My daughter was in tears a couple weeks ago when we asked her to put her p.j’s on because she thought she wouldn’t look pretty. I explained to her that it wasn’t the clothes that makes her pretty. That it was about her smile and manners an all things I was sure my 4yr old wouldn’t get. This morning she came in dressed by herself and I told her she looked pretty. She looked at me and said “its not about the clothes mom” ❤ ❤ ❤

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