The First of Many Embarrassing Moments

The saying “Everything happens for a Reason” is overused for a reason…because it’s true!  During hard times in life, I’ve asked myself in frustration, “What good could possibly come out of this?”.  And then, often times years down the road, I realize why I had to go through it, even if it’s simply because it brings about acceptance and understanding to another soul in a similar situation.  It allows for compassion and empathy.

Even something as simple as taking a job that I didn’t exactly think was glamorous back when I was a teen, instilled life skills that I was able to take to the next job, and to the next, and then finally into the world of Photography that I love today.  I couldn’t have found this career had I not made all those other choices that led me here. And who knows, maybe this career is preparing me for something different in the future that I will find purpose within as well. Life is funny that way.  The future is open and full of opportunities, sometimes one just has to take some chances and veer off the familiar road that is comfortable and second nature.  A wise person once told me to take on the challenges that make you feel the most scared and anxious.  The more scared you are, greater the reason to go for it.

I remember my very first office job, which was my practicum after I finished my office-administration certificate. I showed up bright and early with my eager eyes on.  I tried on several office outfits before settling on one that I felt would show my new employer (who didn’t have to pay me since it was a practicum) that I was professional and I meant business!  Yes I did…I’m now a super serious, efficient, and proficient office worker.

My new boss walked into the building, and I stood off awkwardly to the side, waiting for his hand to be extended so I could firmly shake it. On another note, I believe hand shakes should be firm. There is nothing worse than shaking a feeble hand with no life in it. It always takes me by surprise when I shake a flaccid hand when I’m expecting a strong handshake.

Anywhoooo, I shook his hand firmly and with purpose.  And then…something horrible happened.  Now let me also tell you that this was back when I was “portly” and sported a large set of ta-tas.  It all happened in slow motion.  My bra strap apparently gave up on supporting my large heavy melons, and broke. It not only broke, but it shot out with such force that it hit my new boss on the way out, and to my horror landed on the outside of my super serious office shirt.  We just stood their, holding one another’s hand, although the hand shake came to an abrupt halt.

The weirdest sound escaped my lips.  It was reminiscent of Chewbacca.

I will have to give it to him, he didn’t flinch or even react. He let a few painful seconds pass while my previous eager eyes morphed into horrified-deer-caught-in-the-headlight eyes.  He calmly asked me “Did you want to go home and fix that?”  to which I replied “sorry my bra strap whipped you.”  And on that note, I turned on my heels, and ran home to change.

I returned quite sure that this would be the last of my embarrassing moments. Oh silly girl, I was so wrong. The phone rang while I was on the second floor (which was in the industrial shop part of the building).  Apparently I was the one whose job it was to answer the phones only I didn’t know anything about these fancy office phones.  Rather than put the caller on hold, I just laid the phone down and ran down 1 level to my boss’s office to let him know he had a call. I realized the phone upstairs was still off the hook so I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to hang it up.  If you can believe this, I ran right into some exposed roof ducting and nearly knocked myself out. I saw stars and the impact from my head to ducting brought on a loud thunderous noise that reverberated throughout the whole building.  I blindly crawled to the phone to hang it up, and then I heard my boss at the bottom of the stairs hesitantly say “Oh my, are you alright?” , and my shaky voice replied “Ooh yes! I’m Right as Rain!” What teenager says that, like I stepped out of a scene from the Littlest House on the Prairie. I believe I also took on a British accent.

All of this happened before Noon on the first day of my new super-serious non-paying practicum.  What is the point to this story?  I don’t really have a point, I was just reminded of it while I was typing the first two paragraphs of this super-serious blog post.  It has prepared me for the knowledge that I will continue to embarrass myself often, and my kids will just have to deal with it.

From my heart to yours,