My Heart is Full!

I have to admit, I was nervous to put out the link to this blog as the info here is very personal; however, I put it out there because I remember how stuck and embarrassed I was to reach out for support and help when I needed it most.  Weight loss and body image is a very sensitive subject. 


My heart is full after reading all your amazing comments, and this blog received 244 hits yesterday (beating my previous record of 9 hits the months before when I was scared to share it! lol)

I mean it when I say I’m here to support anyone who needs it.  Pop me an e-mail at cjhop (at) telus (dot) net if you want the link to the Living FIT (which stands for “Friends Inspiring Transformation”) weight loss support group forum.  Living FIT is a small network of women supporting one another as we all share the same struggles to Live FIT.  You can always leave me a comment in a post if you need an ear to listen or have a comment to share.

So thank you!  I appreciate your support and I’m here to give it back 🙂


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