Last Day of 09

We had a great Christmas and I’m ready to welcome in 2010.  I went into this Christmas with a better outlook on my food choices.  It’s Christmas, there is no need to worry about the calories consumed on such a magical day.  There has to be balance, and part of that balance comes from removing guilt when you do allow yourself to enjoy foods that are thoughtfully prepared by those you love or that you have spent hours preparing.

I feel like I have taken an important step forward in finding balance.   Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance: finding exercise you love to do and finding a new relationship with food.  I never thought I would ever say I love to exercise, but the feeling after I’m done working out is amazing.   I always walk away with a smile and a clear mind.  It’s the BEST feeling.

Most New Years are brought in with new resolves.  I’m not doing that this year. I’m going to enjoy the ride and all that I’ve learned about life this past year.   I’m looking forward to a fresh new year with new possibilities and opportunities to grow further.  It’s a blessing that I get to continue on this path with a great big smile 🙂

Happy New Year to you all!  Do you have new resolves and goals for your New Year?

From my heart to yours,