Ode to Joy

Sometimes I have a hard time finding happiness through out my day, and sometimes I’m drunk on happy! lol  But happy is always right there if I chose to find it.  It’s all about choices!

I went to the gym last night with a good friend and we were having such a great time working out.  We both had our iPods blaring in our ears when the music overtook us.  We looked at each other and broke out into spontaneous dance in the middle of the gym.   It’s completely refreshing when you just forget that anyone’s watching and enjoy the happy!

Enjoy the happy people!  Isn’t that what life is about…to be savored and enjoyed?!

Find that special something that just brings happiness to your heart and go with it!

Exercise does that for me!  There is a rush of happy that just takes over at some point of the workout.  I try to contain it, but sometimes I dance on my treadmill and have almost fell off the bloody thing a time or two.  I’m that weirdo that smiles or snaps my fingers when I run.  It didn’t always feel that way, but with every little ounce of sweat, dedication, and hard work it gets easier.  It’s amazing how quickly your body adapts when you challenge it BUT you have to challenge it.  When your body is screaming for you to stop, keep going just to prove to yourself that you can.

Here’s a little Ode to Joy for you!

May happiness find it’s way into your heart today! I’d love to hear about it…what brings happiness to your heart? 🙂

From my happy heart to yours,