Sincere Appreciation

I have to admit, yesterday was a discouraging day for me. You know the kind of day when nothing seems to go right. I decided to try to take control of the discouragement and focus my energy on a kick-me-own ass work out and it did help.

Sometimes I’m patient, other times I have very little patience. I have no patience for the fact I have no patience. You see, I lose track of the big picture.  I want results NOW…especially if I’ve put in a lot of effort towards my goal (insert me at the mirror giving stink-eye to my muscles that aren’t defining themselves as I would expect them to). In the face of discouragement, the temptation is to throw in the towel and say screw it.  Self-sabotage then comes into play which is never good for the ole’ self-image.

At times like these, I would like to share with you a new technique I’ve learned to deal with myself.  Yes, my negative inner banter annoys even myself.

1. Think big picture. If I continue to put in the work, results WILL happen.  It may not happen as quickly as I want it to, but be patient grasshopper.  Wax on, wax off. Keep at it.

2. Never underestimate the power of a positive mind.  Shitty things happen in life. I was watching a TV show where a man was explaining to his mentor that his father had passed away years ago. He continued to mourn the loss of the relationship he didn’t get to have. His mentor looked at him and said “that’s your reality. You don’t get that. You can’t have that. It is what it is. You have to move on.”  It struck me in that moment that there are things in life one can’t change.  What good does it do to dwell on things that I can’t change?  Of course I need to deal with loss and pain, but there is also a time to give myself permission to move forward.  Time to focus on the things in life that I do have, not on the things I don’t have or can’t have because that’s just not my reality. Live in REALITY.

3. If yesterday was a bad day, well lucky for me, there is always tomorrow…which is fresh and new. And guess what, the momentum of good days are more powerful than the momentum of bad days.  That’s something to smile about right there.

4. I often remind myself to smile when my work out gets tough. I’m thankful for how alive I feel inside. The physical pain of a great workout is my body full of life…truly alive.  The smile may look forced, odd, and awkward, but it’s a smile none the less (and I do enjoy me some awkward).

5.  My actions should align with my goals.  My goals have changed over the years. When I was at the beginning of this journey, my goals were mostly about weight loss broken up into small manageable goals. Drink more water, exercise 5 times a week, train my body to appreciate the taste of healthy foods without additives, eat lots of fruits and veggies…you get the picture.  Today, many of those goals are still in place as it’s become a way of life. However, I’ve needed to re-evaluate and set new goals now that I’m in the maintaining world.  When I think about my goals, I must first think about how my actions are contributing to (or preventing me from) reaching my goals.

6. “Sincere Appreciation”: I’ve written that quote on a sticky note and placed it on my computer so I can read it daily. It’s a reminder for me to live life by focusing on the things I sincerely appreciate about those I love, and in turn reminding those amazing people of what is their truth. When you take the time to sincerely uplift others, it’s just good for both hearts.  The important part is the “Sincere” part. I believe we all know when someone is sincere and when they are not. Sincerity is a gift I see in so many of my friends and family members. It allows for connection and authentic relationships, which is a huge blessing.

The big picture is a life full of joy, love, pride, and laughter.

Please treat yourself well, just as you deserve to be treated.  Spend time uplifting those around you that you appreciate. Spread the love, it’s contagious. 🙂

I also want to thank everyone who took the time to comment over the last post. Being that it was completely out of my comfort zone to post that pic, I sure did appreciate the kind comments. You really did lift me up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From my heart to yours,


5 thoughts on “Sincere Appreciation

  1. Good for you for keeping at this strong. Strength and bravery are how much we keep pushing forward, despite all those negative feelings and thoughts. Thanks for the reminder.
    I like the new look, and you have nice handwriting. You are also beautiful- every part.

  2. Thank you Laura. Have I told you lately how thankful I am that we met? You have made me think about life is a different way! I love your zen, confident, lovey-dovey vibe that you carry with you. You are amazing. xoxo

    Hope: I absolutely accept you as is…which is a smart, witty, knowledgable, powerful woman full of ideas and views that she isn’t scared to share. I look up to you. Thank you for being exactly who you are and for having a strong voice for so many that aren’t in a place they feel safe to speak up. Much Love to YOU.

  3. Good Morning Christine,
    Once again your wise words have given me lots to think about. I share a lot of the same mind thoughts you have, especially the patience one. I recently agreeed to a challenge with a girlfriend who like me is trying to lose weight and get healthy..we picked a date, weighed ourselves, shared that weight with each other and then began our different work outs/better eating habits and in a month’s time re weighed ourselves. The winner would get to pick a movie of her choice and the looser would have to pay for a months time the scale for me showed a loss of 1 pound. I was so discouraged I wanted that loss to be way way more considering all what I had put my body thru work out wise. I beat myself up very badly, all the self doubts all resurfaced & in truth felt like giving up. In my mind I felt like what is the use all this hard work for only 1 pound. But in reality I missed the big picture I should have embraced that 1 pound as while even tiny it was still a loss and keep moving slowly forward and be kinder to myself. so I am trying very hard to do just that see the positive that are all around me and grab on to each and everyone of them.
    So Christine I do have to thank you for being this Positive light in my world and making learn and grow and be kinder to myself…my new Motto is ” Be Patient Grasshopper..WAX ON ..WAX OFF” KEEP at it.. I love it.. Take care and thanks again for all your thoughts…

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