The Power of One

The Power of One

One run where you push yourself just a little further.

One positive thought.

One phone call to someone you miss.

One song you love turned up as loud as it will go.

One shoulder dance.

One walk in the park.

One bike ride in the sunshine.

One random act of kindness.

One handwritten card mailed to another who needs encouragement.

One “thank-you”.

One “I love you”.

One uplifting sticky note.

One hour reading a book you can’t put down.

One fragrant fresh-cut bunch of flowers set on a kitchen table.

One word of encouragement either given or received.

One fit of laughter.

One friend who truly understands.

One kiss from your kids.

One amazing afternoon spent with friends.


Just ONE…it holds the power to turn the gift of this one day around.

Positive Out, Positive In.

From my heart to yours,