The More Jody Podcast “When Rape Steals Your Voice”

I’m a writer, not a talker. Except that one time I talked on The More Jody Podcast

Jody, who created The More Jody Podcast, is  a kind, gracious, tenacious, driven, compassionate woman. I met her years ago through health and fitness and immediately felt this connection to her.  

A couple of months ago, she asked me to help her formulate some questions as she was interviewing women who had been assaulted. She wanted to ensure her questions were not intrusive and were delivered with care and safe exploration.  

It gave me so much to think about for my own healing (which sparked the last couple of posts here).  After much thought and prayer, I sent her some questions she could ask. About a week or two later, she asked if I would talk on her podcast.

I realized if I was going to do this, I would have to answer my own questions. ha! My initial reaction was pure fear to speak out loud. I can write, but when I try to share vocally, my words get stuck in my throat.  I gave it a lot of thought…I felt in my heart-of-hearts if my voice could reach even one woman to also find her voice, it’s worth it.  

So here it is…
When rape steals your voice – a conversation with Christine More Jody Podcast
Thank you Jody for providing a safe place to share.  You are making a difference in this world (and in my world too)
From my heart to yours,