Finding Your Passion in Life

Quite a few years ago, when filling out a form for school, there was a blank for “Your Interests”.  I stared at it blankly, and then thought “oh crap, I have no interests”.   I never really realized that I had little interests outside of normal day-to-day responsibilities.  My mission after that point was to find something to fill in that blank. 

It’s tough to make time for yourself when life is so busy with all the things one has to do, but it’s important.  For me living a healthy lifestyle is about balance, and living life with purpose and passion.   Do you know what your passion is?  It’s that special something that you can get lost in and lose track of time when you are doing it.  It feeds the mind and soul. 

So often we leave our needs last over our loved one’s needs.  As a Mom it’s important to put my kids first, but why is there guilt attached to doing something for myself once and awhile?  A good mom is a happy mom.  I realize this even more so as my kids grow up and responsibilities mount.  

For me, this was a big part in why I gained the extra weight.  There was an emptiness within myself that I couldn’t fill.  When I found photography, I found something that was so fulfilling, and rewarding.  Photography absolutely is food for my soul.

The other side of losing the weight, was finding the balance between being obsessed with the number that popped up on the scale, rather than enjoying the journey and being content with my progress.  I still battle with this daily, and although it keeps me from being complacent with my health, I have to remember it’s the journey and not the destination.  Because guess what? I realized you never really feel finished. 

So I was reminded today, and through out this thanksgiving week-end to remember that my goal is to love the life I’m living and to make my choices honouring that goal.  It’s not about being a certain size or number on the scale, it’s about finding your passions, goals, and treating yourself with respect and honour.  Your choices will just naturally take the best path for you if you are striving to treat yourself well. 

Even the smallest things can turn your day around.  A good talk with a close friend, your favourite music blasting through out your house, a walk or run in the park (don’t forget to enjoy the scenery), a nice long hot bath with candles, a hug from those you love most…all have the power to bring joy to your heart.  Take in those little moments and enjoy them.  Really enjoy them.

It’s not selfish to find your passion in life.  It’s necessary.  You are not defined by your role in your day-to-day life.  You have the power within yourself to etch out the best life possible even when life deals you a horrible hand.  Find that special something that brings happiness to your heart and run with it.  Set out manageable and attainable goals that you can reach, and enjoy the pride that comes along with that. 

Life is too short to live in a cloud of uncertainty…always waiting for circumstances to change so you can really live it.  Live it now.  Feel pride, joy, and fulfillment now.  Don’t wait. 

From my thankful heart to yours,


3 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion in Life

  1. I love that you brought this up Christine, because I know SO many moms that struggle with the guilt of doing something for themselves, and I have suffered from it in the past and still do from time to time! What I really like to remember is that I am teaching my daughter’s how to live their lives, by how I live mine, and I know for SURE that I want them to never lose themselves, to keep their passions. So I realize that I have to set an example of not losing myself, and showing them that I am a better mom by keeping things that I love, so that they can emulate that! It’s also a great example for my son, to know that his wife, when the time comes, many years from now, will be a better wife and mother by doing the same!

  2. Chrissy,

    I think you are so blessed to have found passion in photography. Your work is like “art” and I always love to see the outcome of what you see through your lens.

    I don’t have a passion. I wish I did. I have so many friends around me that have found theirs. Right now I am concentrating on how far I have come instead of being disappointed in what I can’t do.

    Thank you again for always sharing with us how you are feeling or what you are thinking or even just how you see things. There are lots of times that I refer to the blog just to realize that everything is going to be ok and that someone else “gets it!”

  3. Great thoughts Kelly. I agree, kids are aware more than we know…watching us to see how we handle things, how we cope, how we live our lives.

    Tammy, I think you do live your life with passion. You are very passionate about your health and your life. I understand though that you are searching for YOUR passion. It will come to you. I think you just need to be aware that this is something you want. Put it out there! It’s amazing what can come in to your life, when you put it out there. 🙂

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