With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s a good time to look at life with a thankful heart.  There is so much in life to be thankful for.  So, as is tradition with my family before diving into a turkey coma, I’m going to take a moment and just be thankful.

I am thankful for my 3 kids.  They truly are food for my soul.  Through times of frustration and days that are overwhelming, they still look up at me with puppy dog eyes and tell me I’m the best Mom ever.

I am thankful for my husband who continues to make me laugh through all of life’s ups and downs.  He also lets me read at night while he tries to fall asleep even though my bedside light is annoyingly bright and his is so dim you couldn’t possibly read a book (I bought the wrong wattage of bulb at IKEA).  He stands behind me even when he knows I’m at fault.  He loves me just the way I am.  He lets me talk his ear off even though I can see him trying to watch the hockey game through the corner of his eye.

I’m so thankful for my large funny family.  Both Jamie’s side of the family, and my side of the family are just good, funny, and kind people.  You can’t pick your family, but if I could I would pick them all.   I am thankful I have two beautiful Moms: my own Mom and my Mother-in-law who is just like a Mom to me.  And I am fortunate to have two incredible Dads too: my own Dad and my Father-in-law (who I was scared of at first, but I can’t imagine why as he’s such a kind-hearted soul).

I am so thankful for my friends.  They ground me and are there to share in not only life’s successes, but also life’s failures and they do so with their kind & funny (border line sarcastic) words over a cup of coffee or a cocktail. 🙂

I am thankful for this new lease on life that I’ve found.   Life just is a whole lot brighter when lived with passion and purpose.

I am thankful for my camera.  I love photography so much and I’m thankful that photography has brought so many amazing people into my life.  I get to capture love, there isn’t anything better than that.

So happy Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for?

Thankfully yours,


3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I am thankful for the many blessings I have in my life. I have the most amazing husband, after 10 years of marriage he is still like a horny teenager… drives me crazy at times but I know how lucky I am that he is still crazy about me!! I have 3 beautiful healthy children who I love more than life itself, I can’t imagine life without any of them, they brighten my day everyday!! I love my parents they are amazing…I have never been more proud of them then I am at this moment!! The lifestyle change they have made is truly inspiring and I really need to get on that train!! I am extremly proud of my 2 brothers. They are both hard working family men whom I am truly blessed to have in my life. They both brought me so much joy in our childhood, I have great memories and am enjoying making new memories with them and there families. I love my sister in laws all 3 of them. Sherry, Penny and Tammy~ they are amazing woman. Not only they are my sister in laws, I am proud to say they are my friends!! I am wonderful inlaws, they have given us alot of joy and have always welcomed me as one of there own. I am very lucky!! I have the most beautiul neices and nephews!!!! how did an auntie get so lucky?
    I am thankful for all my wonderful friends new and old. The friendships I have made along the way in my life are truly amazing!
    I am thankful for our health and happiness!!

  2. I am thankful for my two little boys, even though most days I want to ring their necks most days…I love them more then they will even know. I never imagined that having children would make my life so full.

    I am thankful for my husband. I know that each day he wakes up and goes to work, even though most day he hates his job, I know that he does it for us. so that I can stay home and raise the boys. I am thankful that he has and always will be there for me. That even when he doesn’t want to talk somehow I always get him to.

    I am thankful for friends and family. Without them in my life I do not know where I would be.

    I am thankful for people like you Christine!! people who make you know that we are all in the same boat, people who not afraid to “out” all the things we want to say but are to afraid of being judged for saying it!

    Thank you

  3. I also have a husband who for years now has, resignedly & silently, allowed me to read in bed with my very bright lamp on (his doesn’t even have a bulb), backs me up, allows me to talk his ear off thru a program he’s trying to watch while making grunting noises to “prove” he’s listening, continues to love me through all my flashes of mood and accepts me for who I am. Having known me now, you know how commendable that is! Aren’t we very lucky ladies indeed?

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