Little Drops of Joy

As I wrote yesterday, I’m looking at life a little differently lately. I’ve been missing out on little pieces of incredible that live within the everyday.

This winter was a long one, and then this morning while I was enjoying my first cup of coffee, I noticed green grass with delicate drops of morning dew. How long have you been there green grass? I haven’t noticed you until now. A bright patch of wispy green grass surrounded by dead leaves and bits of lefts over snow.  The new pushing its way through the old.

As I sat there staring with fascination at the dew drops, I inwardly wished I had a macro lens to capture what I was finally seeing.

And then…a picture of a lens came into my mind with a macro switch on it. Wait, did I already have a lens?  I ran to my old camera bag and there it was. A 70-300mm third-party lens that my hubby had given me for my birthday back in 2002.  The lens was still mounted on my old film SLR, my very first SLR camera I ever owned. The very camera that opened a door to looking at the world in a whole new way.  There it was, a little nugget of joy in my morning.

There’s beauty all around us, one just has to open their eyes to see it. And sometimes you realize the very things you want in life, you already have. You just didn’t notice.

From my heart to yours,


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