Update on Dad

Many of you have followed my Dad’s progress as he fights prostate cancer.   Posts about his battle can be found HERE and HERE.

Last week my Dad called to update me on his latest appointment at the Cross Cancer. This was his first checkup since his extensive round of Radiation.

The results show he still has cancer. His levels are a bit higher than when he started Radiation treatment.

He can’t go for anymore Radiation, and he’s already had the surgery. They are going to monitor his levels, and will discuss further options such as hormone treatment.

Dad gave me permission to post this, as he would love some prayers.

My Dad with a few of his Granddaughters, Christmas 2011

I will leave you with my Dad’s words after he shared his break-our-hearts news:

It certainly wasn’t the news I was hoping for. I had a pity party on the drive home until I stopped in Vegreville and saw an elderly couple that needed help loading their groceries. I felt much better after I helped them.

My Dad has always reminded me of Johnny Cash…the man in black with a heart of gold. I love you Dad.

We truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

From my Dad’s heart-of-gold to yours,